Charley and Xander = A Very Wild Ride / Read!

Bad Boy Billionaire (A Bad Boy Romance: Charley and Alexander Book 2)

Olivia Hawthrone (Author)

5 Sizzling Stars!

          Wow! This is the second book in the series. Charley is staying with Xander, while she is recuperating from her fall. These two are having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. They have a love / hate relationship so to speak. The bathroom or shower scene is hot and steamy (pun intended)! It is my favorite scene in the book.  I love Xander and hated him! He is a respectful, playboy. Okay, but the women seem to love him. I love that Charley is sassy and doesn’t take anyone’s crap, especially Xander’s.

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Firefly And The Bad Boy!

Bad Boy Billionaire (A Bad Boy Romance: Charley and Alexander Book 3)

Olivia Hawthrone (Author)

5 Scorching Stars!

         The chemistry between Charley and Xander is scorching. The author had me “on the edge of my seat” so many times during this book. I wanted Charley and Xander to get together finally. I will admit that I got teary a few times. I really felt for Charley, and what she was going through. I also believe, in my opinion, that Xander must have something in his past that makes him act this way. I love the play or back and forth power struggle between the characters. This is another great book in the series.

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When A Flower Child Meets A Mountain Man, Lonely Hearts Connect And Find Love!

Andromeda (Flower Child Book 3)

Moxie Darling (Author)

        When A Flower Child Meets A Mountain Man, Lonely Hearts Connect And Find Love!   Andromeda is the third book in the Flower Child book series, but can be read as a stand alone. This is another great story by Moxie Darling. It is a wonderful novella with some scorching sex scenes. The story has a mountain man with a dirty mouth, and a woman who loves it when he uses it.

          Andi Hartley is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend. She is on the way to find her friends, Willow and Clover, when she meets a mountain man. He offers her a ride and a place to stay for the night. Andi is not very trusting of men in general, but decides to go with William “Bill”. Andi is attracted to Bill, but she is too scared to really go for it.

           Bill has lived alone since the death of his parents. He is a quiet, lonely man, who has been hurt before by a woman. Bill is attracted to Andi, but he is too shy. Bill wants to protect Andri, especially because of her bruises. When it counts, Bill is there to protect and stand up for Andi. She helps Bill with his pumpkins until Andi sees her friends again.

           Andromeda Moonflower and William Bill both have a lot of pain, insecurities and shame. They each want to save the other person and help them move on. Andi and Bill have suffered from emotional and/or physical abuse. Which like the author stated, it can change a person life and the affects can last a “lifetime”. Bill wants to help save Andi. She wants to help Bill feel loved, accepted, and show him that he is worthy/good person. Andi’s character is scared, but sassy and at times a spitfire. Bill’s character is lonely and embarrassed, but can be a stubborn man also. The two characters had great chemistry together.

              The characters were well developed, and I felt that I got to really understand. I loved that Willow and Clover had a camero in this book. In my opinion, this book had more story / plot and insight into the characters, which I really appreciate. I also liked and appreciated that even though Andi had been in an abusive reationship, she has the guts to leave, to fight back against the men, and still stand up for/with Bill to show him that he is special. I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone.

               5 Wild Pumpkins Rating!!

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The Escort & The Editor Make A Hot Duo in this collection!

Boyfriend By The Hour

Tara Crescent (author)

            Cole Mitchell just wrote a comic book called Hammer. Sadie Sterling is an editor of romance novels. Cole moved back home to be closer to his father while he recovers. While trying to get into his friend’s apartment, Cole meets Sade. She feels that he is trying to break in and goes to confront him. They are both attacted to each other. They met again when Cole’s friends introduce them at a building party. After finding out that Sadie is an editor, Cole doesn’t want her to know that he is an author due to his insecurities.  So Mike and Eva tell Sadie that Cole is an Escort/Manservant.

             Both Cole and Sadie don’t want to be in a relationship for their own reasons. Cole thinks that women could be after his money. Sadie is scared to be vulernable and to have someone cheat on her like her ex-husband did. They both are hiding from something and pretending or trying to be something they are not. They both have insecurities, but want to find love.

           This is another great novella by Tara Crescent. It brings together great characters, an interesting story and some very hot sex scenes. I love the chemistry between Cole and Sadie. I love when Cole goes all alpha male and bossy. Sadie can be sassy when she wants to be. It was great when Cole and Sadie were “bad” together. “Wink” I enjoyed when Sadie’s friends discovered Cole secret and tried to make her jealous.
     One of my favorite lines is:  “Your cat makes me sneeze and your dog eats my food, Sadie Sterling,” he says.

I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.
5 Sizzling Stars!


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Brad & Cameron Have Sweet & Sizzling Chemistry Together!

Honeymoon Hoax

Devyn Morgan (author)

         Brad and Cameron have been best friends, since they were little. Brad is “straight” and engaged to Cammie. Cameron is gay and has been secretly in love with Brad since middle school. After Brad’s     engagement is broken off, he still had a honeymoon cruise. Since Cameron had the same name as Cammie, Brad asked Cameron to marry him. After a Star Wars theme wedding in Vegas and a very steamy kiss, the men leave for their “fake” honeymoon cruise.

        Brad is clueless of Cameron’s feelings and love for him. It takes a call from someone close to him to make Brad see what’s right in front of his eyes. Luckily Brad is able to make things right before destroying his friendship and his love. Both Brad and Cameron have been watching out for and taking care of each other over the years.

         I love the chemistry between Brad and Cameron. I loved the respect and love the characters had for each other. The movie songs / theme references made me chuckle, especially The Beauty And The Beast one. I loved how Brad and Cameron’s story developed and ended. I highly recommend this story. I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars!

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Possessed By Ivan The Hitman. Yes, Please!

Owned By The Hitman

Alexis Abbott (Author)

       Katy runs a club that belonged to her deceased father. Unfortunately, her father owed large debts to the mafia, that are now Katy’s responsibility. She is struggling to keeping the club running and paying the bills / debts that are coming due. Katy meets a tough looking Russian man, who offers her a deal. If Katy will be his and in his bed for a year, Ivan will take care of her and her problems.

      Ivan is a Russian man, who meets Katy at her club. They have a wild one night stand. There are two sides to Ivan. He is a killer for mafia and has a sweet / sensitive side. He protects Katy, as well as all women and children. Ivan wishes that there could be two of him. There would be one that was a hitman, who did bad things. There would be one that was sweet and gentle with a woman, like Katy.

      Ivan is definitely an alpha male and likes control in bed. Katy likes and needs to be in control, but enjoys giving up some power/control to Ivan (during sex). She is under a lot of stress. They have both loss family tragically and are alone. If the situation was different, Ivan would not have chosen his current life’s path & occupation.

      The author gives us enough insight and descriptions of the characters that you feel like you know and can relate to them. Ivan and Katy have great sexual chemistry. One of my favorite scenes is the New Years Eve scene. Yum. This story has romance, suspense, hot sex, and very sexy hitman.

5 sexy stars!
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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CJ & Ellie’s Story Is A Sweet and Touching Read!

My Cowboy Soldier

Gillian Cherry (Author)

             CJ Reynolds and Ellie Carter are childhood sweethearts. They decide to elope instead of going to prom. CJ tells Ellie that he was decided to join and has already enlisted in the Marines. She is worried, but Ellie will support CJ regards of her family’s tragic history. CJ wants to explain to Ellie’s mother the reasons for joining the military. Ellie and CJ have a short time together before he heads out, but life has a way of caring on regardless. Ellie’s mother finds out that Ellie is pregnant and worries what the future holds for the young couple.
            This is a sweet and touching story that many people can relate to. I laughed and shed tears (okay I cried.) while reading this story. I would love to know what happens in the future for these characters.

4 Sweet Stars!
** I received this book in exchange for an honest review. **

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Tough Exterior, Sweet Heart & Smokin Body = Rafe!

Sentinel – Devil Riders MC Book 1 (MC Romance Novel)

Ashley Rhodes (Author)

   5 Smokin Stars!

              When you need help and no one else will help you, will you take it from the scary bad, boy biker? Chrissy has changed her name and run away, in order escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. She finds herself needing help again, while working at a roadside diner. Chrissy get help from a group of bikers from the Devil Riders MC. After quitting her job, Chrissy gets offered a job at the Devil Riders’ bar. Chrissy feels like she can only count on herself and has to continue fight. She is attracted to the leader of the bikers, Rafe.

              Rafe is the leader of the Devil Riders. He owns and runs the Devils Hideout bar. Rafe feels drawn to Chrissy. He knows that he needs to save her and give her a job. Rafe and his buddy were in the military and now band together to do odd jobs. They have formed their own family and take care of each other. The bikers come to Chrissy’s rescue a few more times. Rafe is getting tired of the life and wants to move on to something else.

              Chrissy and Rafe both a tough exterior. Neither one want to show their vulnerable side. Chrissy feels comfortable and safe with the bikers. After Justin (the student she has been tutoring and turned down) threaten Chrissy, she goes on the run again. Rafe wants to find her, but has to finish the job first. Coincidence or Fate brings Chrissy and Rafe together again. Chrissy didn’t like fate, because of her past and not being able to escape it. Rafe and Chrissy are two people who yearn for freedom and each other. I like how they made each other better and could be themselves when they were together. 

          The characters sexual chemistry is very hot. I loved this book and these characters. I hope that there will be books on some of the other members of the Devil Riders. * I received this ARC book in exchange for an unbiased review.


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