Hunter’s Revenge by Faith Summers


Hunter’s Revenge by Faith Summers 

Series: Savage Legacy Book 3

A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance

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My monster. My hunter. My husband.

It all started with a chance meeting in a bar that was almost normal.

I was drowning my sorrows, and he was the deadly handsome mysterious stranger who walked in.

He had that dangerous air about him I was always warned to stay away from, yet like a moth to a flame I was captivated by his charm.

All it took was one touch and I couldn’t resist.

When I’m with him he consumes me and our passion is enthralling.

Little did I know that behind Malik Volkova’s fairytale prince smile lurks a monster.

A monster who belongs to the Knights, a notorious secret society.

And we only met because he was actually hunting me.

By the time I find out who he really is, it’s too late, and he unearthed my biggest secret.

Out for revenge on the cartel he forces me into a twisted arrangement for my hand in marriage.

But our union drags me into a war and deeper into his obsession.

Soon it becomes clear there’s something he wants more than revenge—me.

But I’m not sure if he’ll be my destruction or my savior.

Hunter’s Revenge is a dark mafia enemies-to-lovers arranged marriage romance, which is book 3 of the Savage Legacy series.

* In The Savage Legacy Series *

Devil’s Kiss:

Villain’s Obsession:

Hard Hit by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera is now live!

Hard Hit by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera is now live!

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Michael Boone has just one goal: to get traded to his hometown team so he can be closer to his family. But when a runaway bride who happens to be his coach’s daughter jumps into his car to escape Mr. Wrong, the heat is on … in more ways than one.


I’m supposed to be a guest at my coach’s daughter’s wedding to a player from another team, but instead I find myself helping her escape it. The timing couldn’t be worse—I have to stay in Coach’s good graces to secure the trade I need. But when the sexy, newly single redhead with legs for days shows up in my life again, I can’t say no.


After escaping marriage to a man who made me feel like I was never enough, I plan to focus entirely on completing my dissertation. Science has never let me down—I can avoid emotional entanglements by focusing on cold, hard data. But when I’m powerfully drawn to a man who is warm and, okay, I’ll admit it—also hard—all bets are off. Mr. Right Now is exactly what I need, until both of us find ourselves wanting the one thing we can’t have—more.

Bender by Colleen Charles releases on March 31st!

Bender by Colleen Charles releases on March 31st!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited

When I moved from Italy to play for the Vegas Venom, it was a dream come true. My parents died when I was young, and I thought that being part of the team would be like being a part of a family.

I was wrong.

It turns out that I’m on thin ice. With everyone, really, but especially with Madison McKay.

Madison has lived rent free in my head since I met her at a photo shoot and I accidentally insulted her. She’s a curvy goddess, but when I fumbled over my words she didn’t let me dig myself out of the hole I created.

It doesn’t help that my so-called friends like to tease me, purposely leading me down the wrong road. Or that my roommate is a grumpy veteran player who only speaks in three word sentences.

Now that Madison is in Las Vegas full time, I figure it’s my second chance.

When I look at her, I already see our future together. She’s mine. I just have to convince her that I’m worth another look.

But I’m about to have to convince her of a whole lot more.

When the Venom release me from the team I’m faced with a decision. I either have to return to Italy or figure out a way to stay in the states…legally.

Will Madison take a chance on forever with me or will I be heading back to my homeland alone?

Free Fall by Elise Faber ~ Preorder

Free Fall by Elise Faber releases on March 28th!

Available on All Platforms

He was her mortal enemy.
And…he’d decided she was his.

She loved being a doctor.
She didn’t love Connor Jackson.

Picking. Poking. Prodding. The man had never met a button he didn’t like to push. And since Raven had never met a fight that she didn’t see through to the end, when she and Connor were together…


Then she got hurt—really hurt—and Connor decided that she needed looking after.

And that was when she discovered that maybe what she felt for Connor wasn’t hate at all.

Power by J.D. Hollyfield

From USA Today Bestselling author J.D. Hollyfield comes a devilishly sexy, office romance about forbidden attraction, temptation and the power to fight for love.


A controlling boss. A defiant assistant. And a whole lot of what ifs…

I’m at the highest point of my career, and I haven’t even broken a sweat yet. 
Wealth, power, and prestige. 
It’s all at my fingertips. 

But in my world, one filled with secrets, power comes at a cost. A lie that taints my past.  A sacrifice that poisons my future.  

Until my newest assistant walks—or should I say falls into my office. 

She’s mouthy, horrible at her job, and is making me question everything. But I know better. Look but don’t touch. The lie rotting inside me forbids it. 

The problem is, I tried to stay away from her. Deny my darkest desires. But I’m a weak man. And one taste of her… There’s no going back.

And I will have her in my bed.
All she has to do is follow one very strict rule. No one can know.

If only it were that simple. 

Her power over me might just cost me everything…

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From now through March 27th you can download a copy of Her Romeo by Quinn Marloweabsolutely #free!


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Sloane Brennan. Daughter of the Irish mob, my one-time best friend… and the forbidden fruit I’m not allowed to have. 

I tasted her once. Years ago, when we accidentally reunited in LA.

She was delicious, in case you were wondering. But I thought it was a one-time thing.

Until my father gave me my new mission. Kidnap Sloane. Take her to Italy. Turn her over to the man who’s going to hold her as collateral against her father.

Suddenly she’s in my sphere again. Her smell. Her sharp tongue. That bright red hair I want to tangle my fingers in as I shove her against the wall and have my way with her. 

I can’t do that, of course. My job is transporter. But when it turns out that everything isn’t as simple as it seems, I find I have a choice to make:  Do what my father has ordered me to do and leave her in Italy. Or take the girl I can’t get out from under my skin… and run.

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The Seduction by Jennifer Bernard releases on March 28th!

The Seduction by Jennifer Bernard releases on March 28th!

Available on All Platforms

Everything changed one night in Lake Bittersweet…

Successful model Bliss Gault is known for her smile and her sunshiny attitude. The youngest child of rock legend Steven Gault, everyone sees her as the flaky, flighty member of the family. And why wouldn’t they, when she has a habit of getting in and out of messes by the skin of her teeth? But when she returns to Lake Bittersweet for her sister’s wedding with an international mess in tow…this time, she might be in over her head.

FBI Agent Earl Granger is in Minnesota to help an old Army buddy, using “head of security” for Bliss Gault as his cover. Within seconds of meeting her, the stunning blond is making him crazy with her whimsy and her sage-burning. He’s a gruff, fact-focused professional. There’s no way he’s letting her distract him from his real purpose—discovering the identity of his father. She can save the smiles and seduction act for someone else.

But fate has something very different in store for these two total opposites. From international mayhem to a passion they never saw coming…some seductions are impossible to resist.

Dark Romance Lovers! Muddy Waters by DV Fischer

Dark Romance Lovers! Check out DV Fischer’s New Release!

Forgive me Father, for she is my sin. 

Willow Ashley pays her bills through sin. She’s made her peace with that. Her best friend, on the other hand, cannot. She relentlessly begs Willow to go to church to confess all of her wrong-doings. When Willow finally gives in, she stumbles across the new pastor, Rowan Elsher. He’s the kind of gorgeous she wants to thank the heavens for, and makes her think all sorts of filthy things that would make even God blush. 

Rowan Elsher came to New Orleans hoping to make a real difference in helping those in his congregation. When a woman approaches him about her best friend needing guidance, yet refusing to tell him why, he becomes curious. Then he sees Willow, with her ample curves and seductive pout. In a glance, his infatuation with her begins. 

He was told to stay away from dating within the congregation. He shouldn’t want her. He can’t want her. But he just can’t help himself but to break all the rules he vowed to keep.

USA Today Best Seller, DV Fischer, delivers a sizzling dark romance sure to leave readers gasping for more. Available on KU —>

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Give, a new suspense romance from Author Leigh Lennon is now live! 


GIVE, a new suspense romance from Author Leigh Lennon is now live! 

Things to look forward to:

D on the first page

Billionaire Dom


Sexy Kink Club

Light BDSM Play


Age Gap 

Alpha Male

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A one-night stand is supposed to be just that, one night. But the sexy man with no name resurfaces in my life unexpectedly and needs me to help him win a court case that threatens his future. The only catch? He also wants me in his bed again. He’s assertive, persistent, and irresistible. But when his true desires are revealed to me, I run. Can I really be what Luca De Santos wants me to be without losing myself in the process? Am I able to walk away from everything that we could be together? How can I say no to fate?


I’ve never wanted another woman like I want Anisten Atkins. She’s not who I typically gravitate toward. She’s strong-willed and determined—the complete opposite of submissive—and yet my body yearns for her like no other. I’m Luciano De Santos and no one says no to me. But it seems, I’ve found the one person willing to try. Can she learn to accept the man I am and the sort of relationship that I need? The answer has to be yes because I will give anything and everything to make her realize she belongs to me. And when someone threatens to take her away, I’ll fight for us. I’ll never let anyone take what’s mine. And Anisten Atkins is mine.

#Give #LeighLennon #SuspenseRomance #BillionaireRomance #spicyromance #BDSM #BillionaireDom #alpha #newrelease #GivebyLeighLennonNewRelease #LeighLennonWrites #KU 


Mace Fox: Masonry Ink by SH Richardson

Title: Mace Fox: Masonry Ink

Author: SH Richardson 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Mace Fox

Masonry Ink is my establishment.

I’m the owner, operator, and the HMFIC. 

To some, it’s just a tattoo shop. 

To others, it’s a place for hope when you’re disillusioned by the system. 

Everything was copacetic until she walked through my door—a real tough chick carrying an adorable baby girl, going through a hard time. I should’ve sent her away with a handful of cash and a good luck pat on the shoulder, but I didn’t. Now, she is all I can think about, maybe even more than the taste for blood. 

I waited nine years to commit a murder. 

He deserves to die screaming for taking away my little sister…and he will.  

Giving in to my feelings is not an option. There has to be a final reckoning, no matter the cost to my heart.  

True Boardman

I escaped a prison of torture carrying a secret in my belly.

Getting away turned out to be harder than I thought, until the sexy owner of a small-town tattoo shop offered to help. Mace Fox is unlike any man I’ve ever met. Brash and unapologetically masculine, he is the alpha dog I’ve been searching for my entire life. 

I was only meant to stay for a short while to gather my strength until I moved on with my newborn. That was before Masonry Ink showed me what it means to have a family and that home is more than a place to lay your head. It is the touch of a man whose strength takes away all the pain. Whose commitment to protect the ones he loves matches my own. Whose promises are more than just empty words. 

The harbinger of my suffering threatens to take that all away. 

He won’t stop until he’s destroyed me.  

That’s the thing about running—it’s a race you’re never supposed to win.  


SH Richardson is a USA Today Best-Selling Author of contemporary, new adult, and romantic suspense. She lives in Virginia Beach with her two children, four dogs, and one super supportive husband who rides a Harley. She enjoys travelling, reading, and cooking delicious meals for her family.