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I get up on the wrong side of the bed… every single day.

They call me grumpy. A downer. Maybe even negative.

But when your fiancée shatters your life into a million pieces it can take a while to heal.

Enter Gwenivere. She’s ethereal, hypnotic and completely stunning.

Everything that I’m not.

The night she slips into the empty chair next to me during a night out with the team feels like the shutters being thrown open in a blackened room.

Her heat pierces my tough outer shell just like a ray of light. And as I swallow her sunshine, she draws me to her. The closer I get, the more I want to claim her as mine.

But she’s not looking for a knight in shining armor… she has her own thing going on. Helping people. Healing people.

They say my heart is broken, and that I don’t believe in second chances. But deep down – I do. I want to trust and let her see the real me underneath the gruff exterior.

I don’t want my sweet Gwen to pay for the sins of the past.

And if I let her in – let myself fall again – her soft vulnerability might be exactly what stitches me back together.


HOOKED is a full-length steamy ice hockey sports romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles. It features a grumpy and heartbroken hero who tries with all his might to ignore his Susie Sunshine soulmate. It’s the sixth book in the gripping MINNESOTA CARIBOU hockey series but can be read as a standalone.

Breathless by Elise Faber is available now!

Breathless by Elise Faber is available now!


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Professional hockey players weren’t supposed to get their hearts broken.

But that’s precisely what happened to Marcel Aubert, forward for the Breakers. He’d fallen hard for his ex, and then she’d cheated on him with a truly reprehensible teammate.

Because she’d been bored. Of him. Not life. She’d made that fact crystal clear.

So Marcel had moved on . . . if remaining single and losing himself in books when he wasn’t on the ice was moving on.

Until he met Prudence Hansley. She was, quite literally, the most imprudent person he’d ever had the privilege of knowing. A total daredevil, she’d jumped out of planes, had hiked into a volcano, spent time in a shark cage.

She was . . . terrifying.

And wonderful. And somehow, she liked him. Boring Marcel.

But when she dared him to take another chance on love, would he find the courage to leap?

Southern Ballz (Royal Bastards MC) by B.B. Blaque


இ☠️ Southern Ballz ☠️இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 New York City, NY Chapter 🔥

Author: B.B. Blaque

Cover Designer: Gray Creations

Photographer: James Critchley

Model: George RJ

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Link: https://amzn.to/3rwTrcH


It all started when the RBMC wanted to get their hands on Brooklyn. It was a good move for the founding member of my club, the Malevolent MC, but someone needed to take the reins with our chapter there—someone they could trust—someone –Malevolent. The old man wanted one of my guys from the Marines to patch over to them and made the deal to trade me to the RBMC. The one condition was that I step in as president of the new RBMC Brooklyn chapter. Easy, right? I’m a guy from another club. A “southern belle” they say. Redhook expected me to step right in and take the most coveted of the five boroughs. It meant Crucifix would have to share, and believe me he wasn’t so thrilled with the idea.

Now, it’s almost Thanksgiving and I’m in New York City feelin’ like a fish outta water. The guys are ball breakers, the chicks too. I know it’s gonna be a challenge, but after four tours in Afghanistan on the elite Force Recon team I’m always down for one of those. They aren’t countin’ on my southern ballz and it can be to their advantage, or a really big mistake. 

The real test of my abilities will be her. Vixen is like no one I’ve ever known and could be the best or absolute worst part of my new life as a Ba$tard.

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Rotten Apple ~> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B084NN7TQT

CRUCIFI❌ed ~> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08XNX7LBS/

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The author of too many novels to count, Bethany-Kris is a Canadian, lover of much, and mother to four sons, a glaring of cats, and a pack of dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, a snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a spouse calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

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Magical Yule Tidings and Holidays with Hades are live now. 

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Magical Yule Tidings and Holidays with Hades are live now. 

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I’ve mastered my magic, faced down demons, and killed an evil Fae king. There isn’t much I can’t do. Except tell my kids I’m a powerful witch-Fae hybrid.

My kids return home to Pymm’s Pondside for the holidays. Before I can tell them about my magic, a pixie, and a mermaid blow my cover. Their shock is expected, but not their anger.

Turns out my oldest nearly burned down their house and was convinced something was wrong with her. I could have helped her if I hadn’t insisted on hiding my magic from them.

The girls give me the silent treatment while my son can’t stop asking questions. Thank goodness Violet and Aislinn are here to help ease my children into the magical world.

But as my daughters start to come around, all three of my children go missing. Convinced the evil entity stalking Cottlehill Wilds is to blame, I enlist the help of all my friends.

When I fall under the same siren spell as my kids, I’m thrown to the proverbial wolves and Sebastian is my only hope. Is his love for me strong enough to overcome the enchantments? And can he rescue us all?


Popcorn strands, holly berries, and twinkly lights. Add a little magic and the holiday season will be perfect, right?

‘Tis the season and I’m setting the stage. But even with all the trimmings, I know better than to think everything will run smoothly.

I’ve promised an invitation to Fate and it’s never a good idea to keep such a powerful being waiting, but my festive frenzy keeps getting interrupted.

Removing curses and humoring carolers are the last things I should be doing when I’ve also just learned that I have to make room at the Yule Dinner table.

For whom? Oh, just Hades, God of the freaking Underworld and father of the man in my bed.

I didn’t have time for the normal chaos in my life, but this is a new extreme. It’s impossible to make a good impression when I barely remember my name.

My power is hours away from turning me into a vegetable, my house is a mess, and suddenly my ex-husband has some demands of his own.

Not today, Satan.

Nothing will ruin these holidays for me and my family.

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Sink your teeth into Her Vampire Bad Boy by Brenda Trim while it’s on sale!
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The moment she walks into the club
My hunger roars to life.
After centuries of walking alone–
feeling nothing. Caring for no one.
The demon, the dominant in me–awoke.
Something’s different about the lovely human with a delicious scent.
My curious little innocent.

For the first time, I feel. I need. I crave.
And only she can satisfy.
She’s MINE.

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Bucking Bear (Pounding Hearts Book 3) by Izzy Sweet & Sean Moriarty

Model: Dylan Horsch

Photographer: Furious Fotog/Golden Czermak

Cover Design: Aria @ Resplendent Media

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Link: https://amzn.to/3EbvsmS

There’s a new heavyweight in the octagon, and he’s ready to win his belt and his girl… Even if he has to destroy her ex to win her.
Sometimes, the biggest fights of your life are the ones outside the ring.

They call Max “Bear” for a reason. He’s enormous and hairy, and not someone you want to mess with — in the ring or out of it. But he’s wonderful with my daughter and he makes me feel like a queen. Things were great until my baby daddy started causing trouble. Will I have to choose between my daughter and the man who could be my everything?

I’ve never known a woman like Grace before. As soon as I met her, I wanted to claim her, make her mine, and protect her from everything. And her little girl already feels like my own daughter. So if her jerk of an ex tries to mess with Grace — or Hope — he’s going to find out a grizzly would be easier to fight than me. No one hurts my girls.

Bucking Bear is a standalone MMA/Bad Boy romance with no cheating and a happy ending. Some content intended for mature readers.

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Yours Til Midnight by Jailaa West

Title: Yours Till Midnight

Collection: A Kwanzaa Kisses Holiday Romance

Author: Jailaa West

Genre: African American Romance

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A Kwanzaa Holiday Fairytale Retelling… Cinderella had it easy. She only had to get her glass slipper back from the prince, and she was saved. But there’s no such luck for Taylor: she has to clean the ball, set up the ball, sneak into the ball and get away before midnight or pay the $50,000 ticket price.

Every woman deserves to be Cinderella at the ball at least once in her life. At least that’s what Taylor tells herself when she sneaks into Carter Strong’s Kwanzaa fundraising ball. No one’s going to notice her. Right? Until he does. Now she has until midnight to have a no-strings-attached night of passion with a man who captures her heart.
She spent all day cleaning Carter’s mansion and all night being held in his arms. But what will happen when the masks come off?
A new take on a classic fairytale, this urban Cinderella romance is a fun and flirty read. This fairy tale retelling is not intended for children.

Kwanzaa brings us together to celebrate unity, purpose, determination, and faith. This year the holiday will deliver a special gift to these couples of the Kwanzaa Kisses series… Love. Follow along this Kwanzaa as love grows from a candlelight’s flicker to a roaring flame.


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Homeschool mom of 2 teens and a tween, who writes steamy romance fiction that my kids can NEVER EVER read, nope they’ll never be old enough. And doing it all with my trusty cat by my side.

Twisted Luck by Scarlett Black ~ Preorder


Twisted Luck by Author Scarlett Black

Cowboy & Angie’s Story: A Novella to the Reno Chapter

Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense

Release Date: December 8th

Link: https://books2read.com/u/47Oajg

Blogger/Bookstagrammer Signup: https://forms.gle/VNaZG6GKx7ERbdng9

One night with the right person can change everything. It set mine and Angie’s pasts and future on a collision course with no return. Fate doesn’t wait for us to be ready. It takes you by the balls and twists until you make a move. My life was changed with a decision to have a drink with a beautiful siren. I wanted one night, and not forever.

I didn’t find out about the consequences of our choices until months later. I didn’t want to love her, but I had no choice. She buried herself into my life. I needed her and everything a future with her offered. A chance at what I believed to be impossible, a family.

One more kiss and promise, and she’ll be mine with a twist of luck.

Battle Born MC Reading Order

Prequel: Twisted Fate

Book 1: Betting on Forever

Book 2: Nothing Lasts Forever

Book 3: Living for Forever

Book 4: Always & Forever

Book 5: Escaping From Forever

Book 6: Fighting for Forever

Book 7: Loving You Forever

Book 8: Claiming His Forever

Novella: Twisted Luck

💜 Check out the other books in the Reno Chapter 💜

Series Link: https://amzn.to/2Tw5BBN