Personal Foul by Brooke O’Brien




Personal Foul by Brooke O’Brien is releasing on November 20th! Check out the HOT new cover by Black Widow Designs. Have you pre-ordered yet?!

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Sydney Carr knows better than to mix business with pleasure. She’s had a long, hard road to get to where she is now. She landed her dream job, and she’s not about to risk it all for the newest basketball recruit.

The stakes are high for Colson Rush. When he’s traded to the Miami Blaze, his focus is on one thing—winning. But when he helps a fiery redhead fight off a mugger, he can’t deny the sparks between them. Although she tries, neither can she.

Too bad she’s his new coach’s daughter.

Giving into the temptation is one personal foul neither of them can back down from.

*Personal Foul was previously featured in the Playing to Win Anthology and is now expanded to a full-length novel.*


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Winning Whitney by Kat Mizera is FREE! 

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Hot shot hockey player Jake Carruthers has a plan – focus on his game and avoid distractions.

He’s succeeding at the first. The Alaska Blizzard has been on the upswing lately, but his focus shifts when the heart-stopping blonde from his past shows up in Anchorage. Yeah, his head is definitely not in the game anymore.

Headstrong Harvard grad Whitney Sommers wants nothing more than to forget her screwed-up life in Texas. She’s ready to choose from all the opportunities before her, but then she sees Jake and realizes some moments from her past can’t be forgotten; she remembers every part of being in his arms.

As Jake struggles to win Whitney’s trust, she teeters on the edge between what has been and what could be. But she’s forgetting one thing: he only plays to win.

Their Perfect Bride by Lacey Davis is LIVE!

Their Perfect Bride by Lacey Davis is LIVE!


Two bold cowboys might be able to tame a wild mustang, but a bride?

An unmarried woman in the Montana Territory is a dangerous thing to be, especially one with money to her name. Mattie Byrne finds herself fighting off the unwanted advances of her stepbrother, Frank, keen on having her and her inheritance. Fortunately, she’s rescued by not one, but two, Bridgewater men. Alex and Jessie take one look at the feisty blonde and they know she will be theirs, that they will cherish and protect her. With her mother ill, they vow to the dying woman to keep Mattie safe by putting a ring on her finger. To make her theirs.

But marriage can’t guard her completely. Can Mattie, Alex and Jessie overcome the past and create a future that satisfies them all? Will Mattie become the wife the two men have dreamed of possessing? Or will it all be destroyed by lurking evil?

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About the Author:

Lacey Davis is a pseudonym for a USA Today bestselling author who wanted to try her hand at writing sexy romance. With these novels, I write sizzling romances that will leave you grabbing a fan to cool yourself off.

If you like hunky bad boy heroes who like to be in charge and strong pretty women who are willing to risk it all, then look no further. These sexy reads will get you in the mood. Come experience strong women who will tame these bad boys and leave them wanting more.

Tiernan: A Dark Irish Mafia Romance (Dangerous Doms) by Jane Henry


When I knew Aisling, she was my sister’s best friend. 
But that was then.
Now I’m hardened and ruthless. 
A bare-knuckle boxer. An enforcer for the Clan.
And that carefree girl is a slave to her addictions with demons in her eyes.
When she witnesses a murder—a murder I committed—
I have no choice but to take her. 
I’ll keep her silent. 
I’ll keep her hostage.
I’ll see her freed from her addictions. 
And then I’ll keep her bound to me… forever.

“Please,” I repeat, closing my eyes because I’m crying, and I fucking hate crying. “Please make it stop,” I whisper.

He watches me, takes another sip from his glass, then slides it on the table beside him. He rises, and for one brief moment in time, I let my gaze roam over him.

He’s grown up, a full grown man now, the reddish hair darkened and a little on the longer side, and he wears a full beard. He’s all angles and planes and power, intimidating as hell with his muscled grace and strength as he walks toward me. He smells strong and masculine, like pine and whiskey and tobacco smoke, and as he nears, my body begins to respond. My shaking intensifies, as terror fills me.

He crouches in front of me, resting his arms on his knees, his large fingers laced together. “Please what?” His voice is rough and deep, commanding my attention.

I swallow hard. “The pain,” I whisper. My voice, in such sharp contrast to his, wavers. “Give me what I need. I’ll give you anything you fucking want.”

The shaking stills when he reaches a hand out to me. He cups my jaw, his thumb tracing the side of my face.

“You’re strung out,” he says, a note of unmistakable anger in his voice. “You’re fucking looking for a hit.”

I close my eyes, and this time, even through my haze, I’m ashamed. He doesn’t know the girl I am now. He knows the girl I once was. I want to hide from him.

“Please,” I whisper again, opening my eyes reluctantly to plead. “I’ll do bloody anything.”

He shakes his head from side to side, and realization begins to dawn on me. I’m prisoner here. I won’t be able to escape. And there’s no fucking way I’ll be able to get what I need.

Fury consumes me. I open my mouth and howl, tears of rage and hopelessness streaming down my cheeks. “Let me go! Let me fucking go! I’ll call the police! I’ll scream! I’ll fucking kill you, I swear to God I will!”

He shakes his head once, from side to side, raises to his feet, and goes back to his drink. Unperturbed. Barely ruffled. He watches me with cold, narrowed eyes as he slugs the rest in one gulp. He slams the glass down on the table so hard it shatters, the only indication that I’ve affected him. But I don’t stop. I scream again, and again, even though I know I’ll regret this, because it’s the only release I can get.

“Let me out!” My voice sounds as if it belongs to another person, so desperate, so pained it hurts even me to hear.

“I warned you,” he says softly. “I don’t have what I need here, but I know where I do.”

He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a knife. Oh God oh God oh fucking God he’s going to hurt me.

“No!” I scream. “Hellllp! Somebody help me, please,” I sob and scream. “He’s going to kill me! Help!”

“Stop that.” His voice is harsh like a cut from a whip. I freeze. “I’m not going to kill you, but if you don’t fucking stop, I am going to give you a bloody hard spanking you’ll remember.”

I freeze. He means what he says, I know it. My thoughts don’t know where to settle, to fight him or push him even harder. A part of me wants him to strike me, as if it will somehow relieve the brutal pain that lashes at my insides.

I watch him flick open the knife. He falls to one knee, muttering, “Ought to spank you anyway for having a fit like this.” He gives me a stern look. “There are women and children living here that don’t need to be scared witless by your screams.”

If he only knew the torment I’m facing, he’d let me scream, unless he’s a monster.

Is he a monster?

I’m sobbing freely as the knife slashes my ropes. When he reaches for my arms, I flinch. He curses under his breath. I don’t catch the words.

He’s rubbing my skin, and some of the burning eases, but just the pain on the surface. The internal burning intensifies, fire licking through my limbs. Soon, he’s got all of me unbound, the tattered ropes scattered around us. My body’s limp, as the fight goes out of me. I slump to the floor, but he catches me.

I’m in his arms. I’m whimpering, curling up into a ball, then I splay out my limbs, but nothing I do eases the burn and pain and shaking. He lifts me up in the air and tosses me over his shoulder, but it scares the hell out of me. I scream and flail, and he quickly tugs me back down. He holds me to his chest, so tightly it almost makes the trembling better, but not quite.

I whimper and tuck myself against him, crying freely. I want to scream again, but it doesn’t help, and I know he doesn’t like it. Even strung out like this, even terrified, I don’t want to scare any children, and he said that I could.

We’re walking through the doorway, and the lights brighten. I hear voices, but they stop when we walk by. He’s rapping out orders like a drill sergeant, but I can’t make out what he’s saying. People shuffle to obey. I’m somewhere between consciousness and confusion. Who is he, that people do his bidding? Does he command them all?

But I don’t care. I don’t care who he is or where we’re going. I just want the burning to stop. We get to the foot of the stairs, and I hear a voice I recognize. I can’t place it, though. I keep my head tucked into his broad chest, and I can’t stop crying. I won’t look at the familiar voice. It’s a woman’s voice, and she’s troubled. She’s crying. We’re both crying. Even through my pain, I want to give her comfort.

Will anyone comfort me?

USA Today bestselling author Jane Henry pens stern but loving alpha heroes, feisty heroines, and emotion-driven happily-ever-afters. She writes what she loves to read: kink with a tender touch. Jane is a hopeless romantic who lives on the East Coast with a houseful of children and her very own Prince Charming.
Connect with Jane at

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Colton by Marie James


Colton by Marie James
Amazon: US | UK | CA | AU
Series: Cerberus MC; Book 14
Genre: Romantic Suspense
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Detective Colton Matthews has experienced a lot in the last ten years.

Single-dad life.
His work life is as full of surprises as his home life. 
But nothing prepared him for her.
Saying yes to the favor asked of the Cerberus MC was a no brainer.
He’s a good guy helping other good guys.
How hard would it be to allow, Sophia, Dominic Anderson’s daughter, to shadow him for a few months to complete a college credit and keep things professional?
The short answer…
Especially when his job puts her in danger.




Release Blitz, Vengeful Vellum (Cozy Corgi Mysteries Book 19) by Author Mildred Abbott

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ONLY 99c during release week!

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Scrapbooks of memories, tragic history, and town council elections are a deadly combination…

The final hurrah of the summer tourist season coincides with Estes Park’s commemoration of the Big Thompson Canyon flood and the results of the contentious town council election. As the warm evening gathering for somber remembrance wraps up with dramatic election announcements, the surprises involve shouts of anger… and murder.

Following a trail of blackmail, Winifred Page discovers a crime with more twists and turns than the Cozy Corgi Bookshop’s mystery room can handle. But as a scrapbook featured in the crafting club illustrates, there is no case Fred and her corgi sidekick, Watson, can’t unravel.

Secrets are revealed and dark history uncovered, thanks to a group of avid scrapbook aficionados. And Fred will need all the dirty chai lattes the Cozy Corgi Bakery can craft if she is to find the threat buried somewhere in the past or living and breathing in one of the charming shops on Elkhorn Avenue…

(This culinary cozy mystery includes a recipe for a breathtaking Peach and Vanilla Bean Pie.)

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Cruel Candy (Book 1 in The Cozy Corgi Mystery Series)



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Available to pre-order


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mildred abbott pic

Reading the Cozy Corgi series is pretty much all you need to know about Mildred. In real life, she’s obsessed with everything she writes about: Corgis, Books, Cozy Mountain Towns, and Baked Goods.  She’s not obsessed with murder, however. At least not at her own hands (nor paid for… no contract killing here). But since childhood, starting with Nancy Drew, trying to figure out who-dun-it has played a formative role in her personality.  Having Fred and Watson stroll into her mind was a touch of kismet.




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Billionaire’s Halloween Princess by Brynn Paulin

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Billionaire’s Halloween Princess by Brynn Paulin

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A modern retelling of Cinderella…

Cinda: I grew up side by side with Princeton Jacobs – if you forget he was four years older than me and the son of a billionaire while my mother was a housekeeper at the Jacob’s mansion. To say, I wasn’t anywhere near Prince’s radar is an understatement. He went away to college; I went away to college. And so I haven’t seen him in eight years. Now, we’re both back And his father wants him married. There’s no way I’m skipping that ball and missing my last chance to dance with the man of all my dreams.

Prince: Go to school, learn the business, keep out of trouble… I’ve followed all the rules. Now, my father has a new rule. Get married or you’re out of the business. I’m sure he thinks that will have me shaking in my polished Gucci loafers, but he’s dead wrong. I want to get married, but not to any of the gold-diggers he has in mind. There’s always been an amber-eyed angel on my mind. When she shows up at the ball, I know it’s time. Then she disappears. Well, she’s definitely not disappearing that easily. Cinda Martin is mine, and it’s time everyone knows.

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Ruined Promises by Stefanie Jenkins

Title: Ruined Promises 
Author: Stefanie Jenkins 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: November 19th 
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One dance. One decision.

It only took one night out to turn Lexi Baker’s so-called perfect world upside down. A chance encounter with a tall, dark, and handsome stranger makes her feel things she’s never felt before, both physically and emotionally. When her emotions get the best of her, she escapes with only his first name: Ben.

A one-night stand—that’s all it was supposed to be. She was never supposed to see him again. And he definitely wasn’t supposed to be standing in her office Monday morning being introduced as her new boss.

Ben and Lexi promise each other that nothing more can happen and they must remain professional. But some promises are meant to be ruined, right?







Stefanie Jenkins is a contemporary romance author and stay at home mom. Born and raised in Maryland, she has called Surf City, North Carolina home for the past two years with her husband, two sons and new black lab puppy. When not bringing the characters to life in her head, Stefanie enjoys reading, watching true crime or cooking shows, browsing Pinterest and collecting coffee mugs with funny sayings. You can always put a smile on her face with a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, photos of Grant Gustin and inappropriate memes.  



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Hers to Win by Avery Samson

The more she challenges him, the more he wants her.
Hers to Win by Avery Samson releases on November 1st!

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Lily Rhett has everything, a great family, her dream job, loving friends. She’s always been the take charge, jump in with both feet person everyone relies on to fight the good fight. It’s exhausting. Just once she craves to give someone else the responsibility of making the decisions. She would happily give up control for just a little while to get some peace. But she’s accepted that it won’t come from anyone she knows. It definitely won’t be the tall, quiet number cruncher from her friends office. He couldn’t be the one, right?

Matthew Gibson likes his sex rough and his woman compliant. Underneath his quiet, nerdy exterior is a man who likes to push the envelope. So what is it about the explosive blond has him intrigued from the moment he meets her? She is commanding, competitive and sexier than anyone he’s ever met. The more she challenges him, the more he wants her. Can he teach her that with submission comes power? Does she know he is the man to show her she can be both sides of the coin? Or does he throw away everything he thought he needed for the one thing he doesn’t want to live without?

Photographer: CJC Photography
Models: David Wills and Kristen Alyss

Start the series NOW!
Hers to Keep by Avery Samson
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About the Author:

Avery Samson grew up on a ranch outside of a small west Texas town. Since she could remember, she’s had her face stuck in a book. She left ranch life to attend Texas Christian University where she studied History and English receiving her Bachelor’s degree.

After living all over the state of Texas, she now finds herself back on one of the family ranches near Dallas with her husband surrounded by cattle. When not traveling or reading, she spends her time writing.

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★★★ SALE ALERT! ★★★
Body Jumping by Brenda Lowder is only 99c!
A Romantic Comedy Paranormal Adventure

Amazon —
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FREE with Kindle Unlimited

How do you find your way back when your body is not your own?

After a head-on collision leaves drab Julianne in a coma, her spirit separates from her body and flies into another body. Then another…and another…finally landing inside beautiful, but troubled, Evie.

What if you had the chance to start over as someone else?

As Julianne/Evie discovers her own confidence and strength, she works to rectify the mistakes made by both of them. Julianne finds a freedom she’s never known in Evie’s body. She even finds the courage to pursue her long-time crush, Aiden.

But is he falling for Julianne’s spirit or Evie’s beautiful body?

Now the guys who were after Evie are on Julianne’s tail, and she must find a way to get back into her own body to save everyone she has come to love.

Will she find a way back to herself in time? Does she even want to?


“This genre-defying delight takes the reader on a fascinating journey that is by turns funny, intriguing, poignant, thought-provoking, and then so satisfying in its resolution.”
– Amazon Review