Unraveled by Christa Wick is totally FREE!


Unraveled by Christa Wick is totally FREE!

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I’ve got a giant phobia I need to get over by a very important deadline, along with a best friend gunning for meddler of the year. Her mission? To get me over my fear–and under her brother–in a two-birds-one-stone plan that I could strangle her for executing.

This right here is why I’ve never told her how I’ve felt about her older brother all these years. This exact, disturbing reason.

Because as far as crushes on the big bad brother of childhood best friends go, imagine the hottest, most swoonworthy, and intensely protective man you can, add more muscles than you could lick in a lifetime, then throw a Navy SEAL uniform on him.

Yeah, that’s Corwin Hale.

And now that Corwin knows about my hidden fear and hidden feelings, he’s taking matters into his own hands.

For the record, his methods? Highly effective.

Happy #CoverReveal for Envy by Jas T. Ward, coming February 29th!

Happy #CoverReveal for Envy by Jas T. Ward, coming February 29th!

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Sometimes, fairy tales go deadly. And destined love refuses to listen for the sound of one small heartbeat in the dark.

Jade Shen was born into privilege, wanting nothing with loving parents. Until tragedy struck. Raised by a bitter grandmother, Jade loses herself in studies and being groomed to take over her parent’s tech firm worth millions—choices not her own. Death revisits and this time Jade is the target with her trust fund the prize.  The losing side of the war against the secretive Grid seducing her guardian to fund the battles—the Devil and his demented son must not lose. But Envy is always on the path with Greed—Jade simply in the way as they merge.  Death always has its own plans.

Tyrus DeMonte was abandoned at birth. Left to burn in the fires of Hell by his own father. Putting the past behind them and they now fight on the right side of the Grid. Determined to prove his worth, Tyrus takes whatever is given to him—son of a disowned Elite and fighter wanting to be so much more. He had no idea that a chance meeting with a young, sweet, innocent girl would teach him the one lesson that had cost him the most. Love. But unlike fairy tales, love doesn’t always find a way. Not when Death cuts off the story before the once upon a time can start.

Welcome Back to the World of The Grid.

Where heroic bad-asses looking for a second chance fight a war among us in the shadows.

Ward’s… books are unlike anything I’ve ever read, in the darkest, most amazing ways. Jas has a way of storytelling that literally grabs you & thrusts you into the heart of the action. Her characters are raw, complex & real – Amazon Reviewer – Soul Bound I

About the Author

Born and raised in Texas, Ward is a mixed bag of creativity spinning tales of paranormal, urban fantasy and even dark romance and horror; wrapped within a love story. She’s been dared to write a few contemporary romances but even those reads have characters that are real and twisted by their creator.

Mother of three diverse and independent bold children, Ward prides herself for being the “Queen Niche’ Bitch” which is a handy way of saying she sucks writing to market.

But her readers don’t seem to mind.

Website: http://www.authorjastward.com/

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Cover Reveal ~ Till I Kissed You by Michelle Fernandez

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50573152-till-i-kissed-you
Cover Design: Tiffany Black from T.E Black Designs
Release Date: April 2020
 Genre: Security | Contemporary Romance

ADD to Goodreads  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/50573152-till-i-kissed-you

“Can I be the one you tell your secrets to?”
Picture-perfect Phoebe Powell is anything but. Her ex-fiancé’s betrayal four years ago left her broken inside and now love has no place in her hardened heart. Her greatest burden is a secret that haunts her and keeps men at arm’s length. But in spite of that, Phoebe relishes her work—and she’s damn good at her job. As Reporter of the Year her focus is on her career. Phoebe will do anything to get the promotion that’s waiting in the wings, even if it means putting her life at risk.
Dylan Marshall, former Navy SEAL turned special-ops agent, has had his eye on Phoebe Powell for the last year. She’s sexy, confident, and all-around feisty. His kind of woman. But she’s off-limits. They’re just friends. Dylan isn’t afraid to test boundaries, but this is one line he will not cross. That is, until Phoebe’s life is threatened. Now he’ll do anything to keep her safe, even as their connection draws them closer and their attraction becomes more difficult to deny.
Maybe just one kiss…
Can Dylan scale the walls around her heart and chase Phoebe’s demons away, including the imminent threat closing in on her?
Is Phoebe’s deeply kept secret too disturbing to ever move on from, let alone share it with Dylan.

#FriendsToLovers #Chase #Damaged #Broken #CoverReveal #Romance #MichelleFernandez #TillIKissedYou #Phoebe #Dylan


Amazon AU –> https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07V54LS2P/
Amazon US –> https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V54LS2P/
Amazon UK –> https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07V54LS2P/
Amazon CA –> https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07V54LS2P/
Universal –> https://amzn.to/2Yc1iKt

***Author Bio***

Michelle Fernandez lives in Southern California with her husband, children and two pups. She must have her morning coffee everyday and loves having her Gin & Tonic with extra limes on the weekends. When she’s not writing, she’s laughing it up with friends and family or simply relaxing! 
She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and an avid reader of multi-genres. Adult Romance, Romance Suspense and Military Romance are her most favorite genres and loves happily ever afters… who doesn’t? Which is why she started writing in the first place. It started as a hobby. One chapter turned into ten, then a novel was born. 
Till I Found You is her first novel. The damsel heroine and the alpha gentleman hero are who she loves to write about. Making up worlds and characters for readers to fall in love with, is the most rewarding for her. 
She hopes that her words give the reader all the ‘feels’ as it does for her when she writes about them and makes them as authentic as she possibly can. 

*** Social Media Links ***
Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/michellefernandezauthor/
Website- https://www.authormichellefernandez.com/
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/michelle-fernandez
Goodreads- https://www.goodreads.com/…/show/19357902.Michelle_Fernandez
Amazon- https://www.amazon.com/Michelle-Fernandez/e/B07V55C3ZR?
Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com.au/mscanlas629/
IG https://www.instagram.com/michellefernandezwrites/?hl=en

@Michelle Fernandez @Lainey Da Silva PA

Crimson by #SophieLark is now available!

Forbidden Love… Scorching Chemistry! Crimson by #SophieLark is now available! #OneClick today for #99c!

Amazon: http://bit.ly/amzn-Crimson
Series: Colors of Crime; Book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Dark Mafia Romance
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/GR-Crimson
Seduce An Enemy To Control An Empire…

Nadia is a mafia princess, come to Moscow to solve an old mystery from her mother’s journal.

Nikolai is the heir to the rival Markov empire. He’s about to secure his family’s fortunes once and for all. There’s just one thing standing in his way…

He needs a wife. And not just any wife — he needs Nadia Lebedev. Their families have been enemies for generations. The bloodshed and betrayal goes back two hundred years.

Nikolai must end the feud by taking possession of Nadia. He will tame her. Own her. And make her his forever…

“Crimson” is a blazing hot Dark Mafia Romance, full of mystery and intrigue. It’s Book 4 in the “Colors of Crime” series. It’s a stand-alone novel, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers. Contains explicit scenes, including spanking.

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Popcorn & Poltergeists by Nancy Warren ~ Cover Reveal

Is there a murderous poltergeist on the loose?
Popcorn & Poltergeists by Nancy Warren
Release Date: February 12th
Amazon — https://amzn.to/2uWMA0R

Universal — getbook.at/PopcornandPoltergeist will be FREE with Kindle Unlimited on release

Is there a murderous poltergeist on the loose?

When an Oxford caretaker is killed by a fall down the library stairs, and a professor attacked, rumors fly that it’s the work of a poltergeist who’s been causing havoc at the college.
The prof is a knitter, and a customer at Lucy Swift’s shop, Cardinal Woolsey’s. But Lucy thinks a very human killer is shifting the blame onto a ghost who can’t defend themselves and she’s determined to trap the real killer and get justice for the dead man.
However, danger lurks at the college where old secrets and new crimes collide. Vampire and old book expert Rafe Crosyer has been called in to value the college’s literary collection, and he witnesses first hand how angry the ghost really is.
Furious enough to kill? Or is there something else the tantrum-throwing spirit is trying to tell them?
And will they decipher the message before it’s too late?

This is book 9 in the best-selling Vampire Knitting Club series of paranormal cozy mysteries. Each book can be read on its own and there’s no gore, bad language or sex in these books, just a lot of humor, quirky characters and, of course, Oxford. “This series just gets better and better.”




Looking for something different? Introducing a brand-new collection of romance books by independently published and USA Today bestselling authors whose words will leave you breathless! $0.99 for a limited time!

Included in this collection:
Author: Crimson Syn
When Rose Blackthorne witnesses a murder, her only choice is to run. But the events of one night force her into the arms of a stranger. Jake Cavanaugh has been hired to find Rose and keep her quiet, even if it means having to dispose of her dead body. Rose’s only hope is a stranger who has a dark secret, and there’s no escaping him without being consumed by his darkness. Jake’s rules are simple, get the job done and never get too close. But what happens when his obsession for this woman blemishes his plans?

#DarkRomance #HEA #LeaveMeBreathless

🔥🔥NOW LIVE🔥🔥 Better the Devil you know (The Broken Halos series Book 6) By Author Maya Daniels.

Better the Devil you know (The Broken Halos series Book 6) By Author Maya Daniels.
❗The final book in this amazing series❗

Purchase Link:https://amzn.to/2ugfpoU

“When in Hell, only the Devil can point the way out.”
The jinn unleashed the Devil as well as a Prince of Hell after Helena’s demise. Now, not even Heaven is a safe place to hide. 
When abominable creatures manifest and start feasting on mortal souls, only one Archangel is willing to keep their mission alive. Devastated that he could not prevent the loss of his charge, Raphael will do anything to bring Helena back to life. The sacrifice will leave only broken halos, but fate has no time for indecisive minds. Would an Archangel turn his back on Heaven in order to save just one life? Will that decision save them all, or unravel the thread of life?
Because Helena may not be the same … not after she has crossed the veil.

#newbooks #preorder #grabyourcopynow #brokenhalosseries #angels #demons #urbanfantasybooks #urbanfantasy #paranormalromance #pnr #steamybooks #mayadaniels #mustreadbooks #tbr #tbrpile #tbrpost #readersofinstagram #mustreadseries

❣❣ Daly Way Series by Brynn Paulin ❣❣

❣❣ Daly Way Series ❣❣

Daly Way Series by Brynn Paulin

US: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074CH6TYB

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07MBPSCCC/

Belonging To Them (Daly Way Book 1): An offer she can’t refuse? With these four hunks, who would want to?

On the run from her past, Rayna Halliday is devastated when her old car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. She soon finds that her ex has managed to block her credit cards, her accounts and even her cell phones in an attempt to exert his control over her. Giving in to him is something she refuses to do.

When the owners of O’Keefe’s Gas and Repair come to her rescue, they make her an offer that tantalizes the forbidden desires within her—she can find a way to pay for the car repairs or she can belong to them for two weeks and they’ll see to her repairs for free. At the sexual mercy of four gorgeous men for two weeks… Why not? She can have fun and get things straightened out, all at once. But there are two problems heading her way: an ex on a rampage and her heart that’s in for more than just fun.

Plays Well With Others (Daly Way Book 2)

Theirs Forever (Daly Way Book 3)

One for the Team: Daly Way Short

Briar’s Cowboys (Daly Way Book 5)

Roped by the Team (Daly Way Book 6)

Eye of Her Storm (Daly Way Book 7)

Santa Secret (Daly Way Book 8)

Mad About Her Cowboys (Daly Way Book 9)

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#FREEBIE ALERT by Victoria Ashley!!!!!!

#FREEBIE ALERT by Victoria Ashley!!!!!!

For 5 days only you can meet the Carter Brothers for #FREE!!!!!

“…This is one of my favorite reads of the year.”

“…The story is sexy, thought-provoking, and emotional. It brings out all of the emotions. This is a perfect example of what a contemporary romance should be.”

Memphis Carter – The fighter

Get off on the Pain 👉https://amzn.to/2GmIYZy

“…Alex has destroyed me for all other book boyfriends!!”

“…The sexual tension throughout this book is off the charts hot !!!

Alex Carter – The tattoo artist (A Friends-to-Lovers Romance)

Something for the Pain 👉https://amzn.to/2IASSYG

A Tiger For Two by Lia Davis releases on February 4th!

Her wolf can’t wait to claim both mates…
A Tiger For Two by Lia Davis releases on February 4th!

Amazon — https://amzn.to/35ZIcuLUniversal — getbook.at/ATigerForTwoLDApple — https://apple.co/2ZFNcmRNook — http://bit.ly/38h5yO9Kobo — http://bit.ly/39nFP8d
Former Shield Special Ops Agent, Jonathan Colemen spent his career tracking down shifters until the fateful day he suffered severe burns from an explosion at the rogue Onyx Pack den. He wakes from his coma to discover he’s half tiger and unable to resist a certain male wolf and female Healer.

Wolf Sentry, Tanner Raines is more like his father than he will admit. He holds in his anger for what the male did to his mother, anger that keeps his wolf on edge. He focuses on killing rogues without becoming one himself. That means never claiming his mates, keeping them at a distance.

Wolf Healer, Sasha Brooks has known Tanner is her mate since childhood, and she’s growing tired of waiting for him to claim her. When Jonathan comes into the Ashwood Falls medical center, her wolf goes wild. Two mates! While her wolf is all for claiming both males, her human heart is confused.

When Tanner’s mom—the wolf Pack Alpha—is kidnapped, it takes all his focus and control to not kill everyone in sight to get to her. The two people he’s avoided and pushed away may be the only ones who can help him hold it together. And they need to work together. Because if they fail, his mom’s life isn’t the only one on the line. Evil is brewing and threatens to destroy everyone involved, including his mates and the Pack.