Owned By The Hitman

Alexis Abbott (Author)

       Katy runs a club that belonged to her deceased father. Unfortunately, her father owed large debts to the mafia, that are now Katy’s responsibility. She is struggling to keeping the club running and paying the bills / debts that are coming due. Katy meets a tough looking Russian man, who offers her a deal. If Katy will be his and in his bed for a year, Ivan will take care of her and her problems.

      Ivan is a Russian man, who meets Katy at her club. They have a wild one night stand. There are two sides to Ivan. He is a killer for mafia and has a sweet / sensitive side. He protects Katy, as well as all women and children. Ivan wishes that there could be two of him. There would be one that was a hitman, who did bad things. There would be one that was sweet and gentle with a woman, like Katy.

      Ivan is definitely an alpha male and likes control in bed. Katy likes and needs to be in control, but enjoys giving up some power/control to Ivan (during sex). She is under a lot of stress. They have both loss family tragically and are alone. If the situation was different, Ivan would not have chosen his current life’s path & occupation.

      The author gives us enough insight and descriptions of the characters that you feel like you know and can relate to them. Ivan and Katy have great sexual chemistry. One of my favorite scenes is the New Years Eve scene. Yum. This story has romance, suspense, hot sex, and very sexy hitman.

5 sexy stars!
I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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