Honeymoon Hoax

Devyn Morgan (author)

         Brad and Cameron have been best friends, since they were little. Brad is “straight” and engaged to Cammie. Cameron is gay and has been secretly in love with Brad since middle school. After Brad’s     engagement is broken off, he still had a honeymoon cruise. Since Cameron had the same name as Cammie, Brad asked Cameron to marry him. After a Star Wars theme wedding in Vegas and a very steamy kiss, the men leave for their “fake” honeymoon cruise.

        Brad is clueless of Cameron’s feelings and love for him. It takes a call from someone close to him to make Brad see what’s right in front of his eyes. Luckily Brad is able to make things right before destroying his friendship and his love. Both Brad and Cameron have been watching out for and taking care of each other over the years.

         I love the chemistry between Brad and Cameron. I loved the respect and love the characters had for each other. The movie songs / theme references made me chuckle, especially The Beauty And The Beast one. I loved how Brad and Cameron’s story developed and ended. I highly recommend this story. I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars!

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