Andromeda (Flower Child Book 3)

Moxie Darling (Author)

        When A Flower Child Meets A Mountain Man, Lonely Hearts Connect And Find Love!   Andromeda is the third book in the Flower Child book series, but can be read as a stand alone. This is another great story by Moxie Darling. It is a wonderful novella with some scorching sex scenes. The story has a mountain man with a dirty mouth, and a woman who loves it when he uses it.

          Andi Hartley is on the run from an abusive ex-boyfriend. She is on the way to find her friends, Willow and Clover, when she meets a mountain man. He offers her a ride and a place to stay for the night. Andi is not very trusting of men in general, but decides to go with William “Bill”. Andi is attracted to Bill, but she is too scared to really go for it.

           Bill has lived alone since the death of his parents. He is a quiet, lonely man, who has been hurt before by a woman. Bill is attracted to Andi, but he is too shy. Bill wants to protect Andri, especially because of her bruises. When it counts, Bill is there to protect and stand up for Andi. She helps Bill with his pumpkins until Andi sees her friends again.

           Andromeda Moonflower and William Bill both have a lot of pain, insecurities and shame. They each want to save the other person and help them move on. Andi and Bill have suffered from emotional and/or physical abuse. Which like the author stated, it can change a person life and the affects can last a “lifetime”. Bill wants to help save Andi. She wants to help Bill feel loved, accepted, and show him that he is worthy/good person. Andi’s character is scared, but sassy and at times a spitfire. Bill’s character is lonely and embarrassed, but can be a stubborn man also. The two characters had great chemistry together.

              The characters were well developed, and I felt that I got to really understand. I loved that Willow and Clover had a camero in this book. In my opinion, this book had more story / plot and insight into the characters, which I really appreciate. I also liked and appreciated that even though Andi had been in an abusive reationship, she has the guts to leave, to fight back against the men, and still stand up for/with Bill to show him that he is special. I loved this book and would recommend it to everyone.

               5 Wild Pumpkins Rating!!

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