Boyfriend By The Hour

Tara Crescent (author)

            Cole Mitchell just wrote a comic book called Hammer. Sadie Sterling is an editor of romance novels. Cole moved back home to be closer to his father while he recovers. While trying to get into his friend’s apartment, Cole meets Sade. She feels that he is trying to break in and goes to confront him. They are both attacted to each other. They met again when Cole’s friends introduce them at a building party. After finding out that Sadie is an editor, Cole doesn’t want her to know that he is an author due to his insecurities.  So Mike and Eva tell Sadie that Cole is an Escort/Manservant.

             Both Cole and Sadie don’t want to be in a relationship for their own reasons. Cole thinks that women could be after his money. Sadie is scared to be vulernable and to have someone cheat on her like her ex-husband did. They both are hiding from something and pretending or trying to be something they are not. They both have insecurities, but want to find love.

           This is another great novella by Tara Crescent. It brings together great characters, an interesting story and some very hot sex scenes. I love the chemistry between Cole and Sadie. I love when Cole goes all alpha male and bossy. Sadie can be sassy when she wants to be. It was great when Cole and Sadie were “bad” together. “Wink” I enjoyed when Sadie’s friends discovered Cole secret and tried to make her jealous.
     One of my favorite lines is:  “Your cat makes me sneeze and your dog eats my food, Sadie Sterling,” he says.

I was given this arc book in exchange for an honest review.
5 Sizzling Stars!


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