Sentinel – Devil Riders MC Book 1 (MC Romance Novel)

Ashley Rhodes (Author)

   5 Smokin Stars!

              When you need help and no one else will help you, will you take it from the scary bad, boy biker? Chrissy has changed her name and run away, in order escape an abusive ex-boyfriend. She finds herself needing help again, while working at a roadside diner. Chrissy get help from a group of bikers from the Devil Riders MC. After quitting her job, Chrissy gets offered a job at the Devil Riders’ bar. Chrissy feels like she can only count on herself and has to continue fight. She is attracted to the leader of the bikers, Rafe.

              Rafe is the leader of the Devil Riders. He owns and runs the Devils Hideout bar. Rafe feels drawn to Chrissy. He knows that he needs to save her and give her a job. Rafe and his buddy were in the military and now band together to do odd jobs. They have formed their own family and take care of each other. The bikers come to Chrissy’s rescue a few more times. Rafe is getting tired of the life and wants to move on to something else.

              Chrissy and Rafe both a tough exterior. Neither one want to show their vulnerable side. Chrissy feels comfortable and safe with the bikers. After Justin (the student she has been tutoring and turned down) threaten Chrissy, she goes on the run again. Rafe wants to find her, but has to finish the job first. Coincidence or Fate brings Chrissy and Rafe together again. Chrissy didn’t like fate, because of her past and not being able to escape it. Rafe and Chrissy are two people who yearn for freedom and each other. I like how they made each other better and could be themselves when they were together. 

          The characters sexual chemistry is very hot. I loved this book and these characters. I hope that there will be books on some of the other members of the Devil Riders. * I received this ARC book in exchange for an unbiased review.


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