Anchor (First to Fight Book 1) by [Blanchard, Nicole]

Anchor (First to Fight Book 1)
Nicole Blanchard (Author)

          Anchor is the first book in the First to Fight Series. It is the story of Gabe and Chloe.

         Gabe is a man who left the Marines and volunteers with the Coast Guard Search and Rescue in order to be closer to his daughter. His life is about saving people at all costs. Gabe doesn’t worry about himself. He is a Hero in every sense of the word and a white knight for Chloe. Gabe hates hospitals, possibly because he often needs their services. When asked by his daughter Emily to save Chloe, Gabe doesn’t hesitate to do as she requests. The call of Duty Sense is very strong in Gabe. He is loyal and true for the ones he loves. Chloe and Gabe are instantly drawn to each other, but danger and a mad man continue to stand in their way. Gabe was ladies’ man, but that all changes after meeting Chloe. Gabe will do anything to keep her in his life.

          Chloe goes on an assignment for her job. She is boarding the ferry, when Chloe’s life changes forever. When faced with a gunman, Chloe must decide if she should run or protect a stranger’s child. This decision causes her to be the target of the gunman, Mr. Jones. Chloe tries not to show any fear. She repeatedly battles to keep her wits about her and to figure out a way to stop Mr. Jones. Even though she wants to run or freeze up, Chloe chooses to protect other people. She even offers to take their place, when Mr. Jones wanted to shot someone. Chloe stands up to Mr. Jones, but is also smart enough to know how far she can push. She tries to talk to him in order to distract him. Chloe takes care of and becomes protective of Gabe, when he is hurt. I love that she can take care of herself and Gabe. Chloe is smart, spunky and a real fighter. She can even produce her own handcuffs, if needed. ; )

          Anchor is full of suspense. It is a nonstop, action packed thriller / thrill ride. The reader is not sure what will happen next, constantly on the edge of their seat, and wanting the good guy or girl to win (so to speak). Anchor has romance, a happily ever after, steamy scenes, good vs evil, and strong characters that have great chemistry. I love an alpha male hero with a soft heart that can kick ass and loves his daughter. I enjoy when the heroine can kick butt also and has a feisty personality. Gabe and Chloe made a perfect pair. They were a little independent, but could count of the other in times of need / lean on each other. The basis of the plot is one that could happen, and that makes it that much more intense. The reader is transported into the story hoping and rooting for the characters to defeat the villain. The author also gives the reader an insight or allows us to understand why Mr. Jones is the way he is or what caused him to be that way (by the end). Gabe and Chloe learn a lot about themselves, and what they are capable of. The sign of an outstanding story (and exceptional writer) is when you feel like you really know the characters and feel everything that they feel. If I can go through every emotion with the characters and be so engrossed in the story that I forget about the real world, then it is a winner in my book (pun intended). Anchor definitely did that for me. The author takes the reader on a ride that at times you want to get off, because it is scary and nerve racking. Other times you want to ride it out, because you want to see what happens to Gabe and Chloe. Anchor is a phenomenal ride from beginning to end. Nicole Blanchard has another great book on her hands. I highly recommend this book to others.

Overall Story – 5 Stars
Hotness / Chemistry – 4 1/2 Stars
POV – Alternating POV’s
Alpha Male – Yes
Cliffhanger – No
Recommend to Others – Yes
HEA – Yes
I was gifted with this arc in exchange for an unbiased review.

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