Havok: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by [Rollins, Riley]

Havok: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Riley Rollins (Author)

     Havok is a captivating and intriguing story. It is centered around a Russian Mafia hitman and a stripper. This story has many elements that many readers will find interesting. Havok is full of action, romance, suspense, drama, mafia men, a bad boy hitman, hot sex scenes, strong characters, and a happily ever after. This story does have some violent scenes and drug use, as the description states. I recommend this to anyone who likes to read about a Bad Boy and/or the Russian Mafia romance. 
 *Possible Spoiler*
     Penny has had a hard, rough life. She works as a stripper at a club called Fascinations. Penny does this to support her drug habit and to support her abusive boyfriend. She is using drugs to dull the emotional and physical pain of her life. Penny has become very adept at hiding her drug habit / usage from people around her. She wishes / hopes that someone could save her from her horrible life. Penny needs a “knight” to rescue her and protect her ferociously, but she knows that will never happen for her. She watches one of the bouncers at the club and want him to be the one to protect / save her. 

    Havok, Vladimir, is a hitman for the Russian mob, Bratva. He also works as a bouncer at a strip club to keep an eye and ear on what is going on in town. While on duty, Havok spends part of his time watching over and protecting Penny from drunk men and/or unwanted attention at the club. He finds her very attractive, but Havok would never make a move or ask Penny out. Since Havok lost his fiancee, he has turned off his feelings. He refuses to let anyone get close to him again. So Havok is left with just watching over Penny. He has never really talked to Penny. The one time that Penny and Havok talked, he lets her know that she should stay for away from him, because he is not safe. After seeing her boyfriend beat her, Havok steps in and tries to take care of it. Penny stops Havok from beating her boyfriend too badly and leave with him. 

   Girls start to go missing from the club. Havok discovers that his boss is taking the taking the girls. He also finds out that Penny is next to be abducted. Havok takes Penny to keep her safe from the sex traffickers and keeps her locked up at his home. The chemistry between Penny and Havok becomes too much for them to resist. Penny is the first girl in a long time, who has made Havok feel again. 

   Penny is a strong woman, when she needs to be. She is a fighter and will fight to survive. Havok is a tough, tattooed hitman. He is a no nonsense, will do what has to be done, tough man. Penny and Havok are two people who are just getting by. They are just surviving or living day to day. Neither of them really have anyone close in their lives and have shut down or turn off their emotions in order to survive. Will Havok and/or Penny allow them self’s to be vulnerable in order to connect with the other or to find love? Will they heal their own emotional scars in order to be together? Can Havok be the hero and knight that Penny needs?      

Favorite Quote:  “We are all damaged in are own ways”

Overall – 4 1/2 Stars
POV – Alternating POVs (each chapter)
Chemistry / Steamy / Hotness – 5 Stars
HEA – Yes
Bad Boy / Alpha Male – Yes
Recommend To Others – Yes
Cliffhanger – No
I was given this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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