Bandit Bound: A Bad Boy Romance Novel by [King, Kendra]

Bandit Bound: A Bad Boy Romance

Kendra King (Author)

    Savannah Solitaire works at a bank and helps new customers. Being raised as an orphan, Savannah feels lonely and is always looking for someone or something in her life. She is bored and unhappy with her job and life in general. Savannah feels that everyday is the same and that there is no excitement in her life. One day Savannah helps a new customer open an account, who she finds very attractive. When the bank is robbed, Savannah recognizes on of the thieves as the attractive customer. Before the men leave the bank, Savannah becomes their hostage. 

    Vincent Starlingveil is a thief. He comes into the bank where Savannah works and finds her very attractive. When he comes back later with his team to rob the bank, Vincent decides to take Savannah with him. The men take Savannah back to one of their hideout. Vincent and Savannah spend some steamy alone time together, but not as much as Savannah would have liked. 

    Savannah discovers that Vincent Starlingveil is not his real name and that he doesn’t seem to need the money. She is not sure what to do about how she feels about Vincent and tries to forget about him/move on. Savannah wants to do the right thing, but she is drawn to Vincent. Vincent keeps coming back for Savannah. 

     Bandit Bound is a book with a modern day Robin Hood type of theme. It does start of slow, but picks up as the story goes along. Savannah and Vincent do have a happily ever after. There is some action and steamy scenes. Bandit Bound has a bad boy with a dirty mouth. Yum! I like the play on Savannah’s last name.

Overall Story = 3 3/4 Stars
Chemistry/Hotness = 4 Stars
HEA = Yes
Bad Boy = Yes
Cliffhanger = No
I was gifted this arc book in exchange for an honest review. 

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