Stolen from the Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance by [Abbott, Alexis, Abbott, Alex]

Stolen From The Hitman: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Alexis Abbott (Author)

    Olivia Greenwood is a gymnast, who is recruited to train with an elite gymnastic’s company in Paris, France. She is from a small town in North Carolina. It is a place where everyone knows everyone. Olivia has known most, if not, all the boys in town all her life, so she has not really kiss a anyone before. She meets a man, Will, on the plane to Paris. He flirts with her, and Olivia tells him a lot about herself. This being her first time away from her parents, Olivia is excited and nervous at the same time. She is a very smart, good girl. Olivia has spent most of her life training to become a talented gymnast. She knows that she has been given a wonderful opportunity to train with a sexy new coach. After arriving at the school, Olivia meets her roommate, Maggie. The two girls have some things in common. Maggie takes Olivia out to see the city. Then later they are invited out to a party. Olivia knows that it would not be wise, but goes anyways with Maggie. Olivia should have listened to her instincts, because the girls’ night doesn’t turn out how they ever imagined. 

    Maskim Pavlenko is an ex Mafia hitman. He used to work for the Bratva. Before Max walked away from the Mafia, he took out several men who were starting / beginning sex trafficking in Paris. After that Max became a gymnastic coach. Max recruits, trains, and coaches girls to become the best gymnasts. The school and the girls don’t know about Max’s past. He tries to keep himself distant, hard, and professional from / with the girls. He is protective of the girls / students, because Max knows that they are his responsibility.  Max has a hard time being professional and distant with Olivia. 

    When Olivia and Maggie go missing or don’t show up for practice, Max goes to search for them. He becomes an one man army for the girls, especially for Olivia. Max does get some tech help from Felix. Felix does help out more than once with technology. He also tells some background info on Max. Once Max has rescued Olivia, Max knows that he should not get too close to Olivia. Max and Olivia are drawn to each other and can’t stop themselves. Their chemistry is very hot and intense. 

   I love that Olivia stands up for her new friend. She tried to be brave in the face of terror. After Max rescues her, Olivia believes that he is her hero. Max knows / believes that he is not worthy of being Olivia’s or anyone’s hero. Olivia stands by him no matter what and has faith in Max. I loved that Max was very sweet, kind and a gentlemen to Olivia, but he will protect her and do anything for her. Max would kill for her. 

    Stolen From The Hitman is an great story by Alexis Abbott. This story has romance, mafia men, a bad boy/hitman, twist and turns, a heroine who needs rescuing, and a happily ever after. Yes, there was an age difference, but it didn’t bother me. This is an exciting action packed story. I received this arc book for an unbiased review. This is my unbiased review. I recommend this book to other who enjoy bad boy and / or mafia stories.

POV – Alternating POV’s 
Hotness / Sexy / Chemistry – 4 1/2 Stars
Bad Boy – Yes
Overall Story – 4 Stars
Recommend to Others – Yes
HEA- Yes
Cliffhanger – No

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