Taken Back: A Bad Boy Russian Mafia Romance by [Amorosi, Alyna]

Taken Back

Alyna Amorosi (Author)

     Sonya is a young, innocent and naïve girl. She is too trusting for her own good. After her mother dies, she struggles to make ends meet. Sonya meets a man at the gym, Halim, who offers her a job. He tells her that she can make very good money. The job is at a “gentlemen’s club” called Sultaim Place. Halim assures Sonya that she will only be a hostess greeting people at the door. Sonya doesn’t really feel comfortable with her job or look forward to going to work. One night an attractive Russian man comes to the club. Sonya has an instant attraction to him and is flattered by the way he kisses her hand.

     Dmitri Veselov is next in line to become the Pakan in the Russian Mafia. He is used to woman falling into his lap to be with him, literally. When he meets Sonya, Dmitri knows right away that she is different, and he finds that very intriguing. Sonya makes Dmitri feel things that he hasn’t felt in a long time, a sense of peace. Dmitri has had a hard life. He has the scars and tattoos to prove it or show for it. It has not been easy for Dmitri, because his mother died when he was very young, he spent time in a Russian prison, and he grew up in the Russian Mafia. When Dmitri wants something he goes for it and gets it. After a motorcycle ride, dinner and skinny dipping date with Sonya, Dmitri decides that he wants to make Sonya his. Very Alpha Male of him. But there are things that he has to take care of in his “business” and has to go away for a little while.

     Sonya had a really nice time with Dmitri and hopes to see him again. After Sonya doesn’t hear or see Dmitri for a while, she becomes depressed or down. Her boss, Halim, takes advantage of Sonya’s moment(s) of weakness and offers her a promotion. She knows that something doesn’t add up / not a good situation, but accepts the job anyway. Which is not very smart, but Sonya is not thinking straight. This is when her life changes for the worse, and Sonya must fight to save herself. Sonya hopes that Dmitri will save her, but Halim tells her that Dmitri was part of it &/or had a hand in what has happened to her. Will she make it out? Can she save herself and survive? Will Dmitri come to her rescue and be her knight in shining armor?

   Taken Back is a story that is full of twist and turns. There is plenty of action and suspense with danger and deceit thrown in the mix. This story offers villains / lowlifes that you can see and ones that you don’t know are villains at first. Dmitri is a motorcycle riding, bad boy, alpha male, who is in the Russian Mafia. He is a bad boy who turns into a hero in the end. He is my favorite kind a male character. I wish Sonya could have been a little more fiesty and independent, but I understand that she is just venturing out on her own for the first time (in the beginning). I can understand why the author chose to have Sonya have these characteristics. I enjoyed to chemistry between Dmitri and Sonya as well as the hot sex scenes. I love the way they interacted with each other. With the ending the author allowed us to understand Dmitri a little bit better and told us more about him, in my opinion. It also cleared up or addressed / explained some of the background / past that Dmitri and Sonya had together. I love and appreciate all the descriptions of the scenery and location. I received this arc in exchange for an unbiased review. I would recommend this book to others who enjoy bad boys and/or Russian mafia. 

POV = Alternating POVs 
Bad Boy / Alpha Males = Yes
Overall Story = 4 1/2 Stars
Chemistry / Hotness = 4 1/2 Stars
Cliffhanger = No
Recommend To Others = Yes
HEA = Yes

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