Ruthless: A Mafia Step Brother Romance

Alexis Abbott (Author)

5 Sexy Stars!

          This is a fast-paced, suspense filled story. This story has strong characters, an exciting plot and a happily ever after. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through the book. This is an erotic romance with a tattoo, bad boy who loves to be an alpha male in and out of the bedroom. 
*Possible Spoiler*

          Sarah Fairfax has been struggling the last 2 years since her step mother threw her out. So, Sarah is shocked when she gets a call from her step mother asking to see her. Sarah’s step mother wants her to spy on Dimitri, her step brother, in exchange for money. Sarah has always had a crush on Dimitri, but Sarah is also angry with Dimitri for not helping her out when she was homeless. She agrees to spy and report back to her step mother to get revenge on Dimitri. 
          Dimitri Brokov is a dangerous man, a Russian Mobster, and a billionaire. He is has always had feelings for Sarah and has wanted her to be his. Dimitri knows that it is safer for Sarah away from him. When they see each other in the coffee shop, old feelings for both Sarah and Dimitri come back and are reawaken. Dimitri tries to remind Sarah of the last time they saw each while sitting in the coffee shop.

          Sarah has always known that Dimitri was a dangerous and ruthless man. She has known most of his secrets and is not scared of him. After some tragedy, an attempted kidnapping and threats on both their lifes, Dimitri decides that he wants Sarah in his life and in his bed. Sarah is a feisty, smart and gutsy woman, who will take on anyone to be with her man. Dimitri can be very deathly when he needs to be, and he can be very sweet and caring also.

         Be forewarned this story does has some violence and step siblings in a relationship. There is nonstop action and a dominate male, who can be very bad and has a dirty mouth. There are some very hot sex scenes that you may need to fan yourself while you read. Overall, I can’t say enough about this story. I highly recommend this book to loves of Alpha Males, Step stories and/or Mafia stories. 

* I was given this book in exchange for an unbiased review. *

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