A Bear’s Mercy (Shifter Country Bears Book 3)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 Stars!

*Possible Spoilers*

         Charlotte Mullins is in Cascadia to capture a feral bear shifter. She has come looking for the feral bear that has been attacking and killing wolf shifters. Charlotte “Charlie” believes that the feral bear shifter is Kade Lessing. She is not afraid of shifter, because Charlie has been around them all her life. While in the woods with Kade in her sights and a gun in her hand, Charlie is attacked by wolves.

       Kade Lessing and his mate, Daniel, live a fairly simple life. Kade has helped feral bear shifters in the past and continues to do it. Daniel is one shifter that was helped by Kade and then fell in love with him. They built a live together until they can find someone to complete their triad. 

       When Kade hears Charlie scream, he runs to her aid. After fighting off the wolves that attacked Charlie, Kade carries her home. Daniel and Kade with the help of his cousin Hunter work on nursing Charlie back to health. On day there is a knock at the door, a swifter wolf has come to ask Kade to trade Charlie for Olivia. When the man / shifter wolf leaves, Charlie wants to know what is going on and who is Olivia. Charlie tells the men her plan to save Olivia, stop who is killing the wolf swifters, and how she will call in the FBI. 

       Charlie is a feisty, strong and independent woman, who didn’t like that she had to rely on the men for help when she was injured. Kade is a strong silent type, who cares for others and wants to help those in need. Daniel is a sweet and kind man. He had to try harder than Kade to be understood and also to keep the peace (so to speak). 

       This is the 3rd story in the series and can be read as a stand alone. The story of Kade, Daniel and Charlie revolves more around the characters and their relationship development then the other books, in my opinion. There is still the steamy sex scenes, but you get to know the characters, their stories, their feelings, etc. The build up to the good sex! ; )  I did like that Roxie Noir gave us a chance (again with this book) to see one of the character for a previous book. The introduction of Olivia makes me wonder what is to come next, if anything. I enjoyed this story and would recommend it others.

**I received this arc copy in exchange for an honest opinion. This is my unbiased opinion.**

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