A Bear’s Journey (Shifter Country Bears Book 4)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

      A Bear’s Journey is the fourth book in the Shifter Country Bears series. It can be read as a stand alone. A Bear’s Journey is the story of Olivia, who as introduced in the last book in the series. There are some twists and turns (or mystery). This is a fast paced, sizzling romance.      

*Possible Spoiler*

      Olivia Lessing is a bear shifter, who has been feral for 10 years. She is still working on adjusting to life in her human form again. Olivia struggles everyday with being around other people and communicating with people. She has to fight to not shift (to her bear form) and run away. So, Olivia makes lists of all the things that she likes about being human, like peanut butter and hugs.

      Jasper Sargent, the son of Senator Sargent, and his partner and mate Craig have been looking to find third. The men feel that they saw the woman that could complete their triad a few years ago, but have not be able to locate her. Jasper spots the mystery girl/bear, Olivia, behind the library reading. Craig get excited, when he find out that Olivia lives in Cascadia. 

     Jasper and Craig learn that people believe that Olivia is the one that has killed the wolves. This doesn’t stop the men for asking Olivia out on a date. Jasper and Craig stand by Olivia. They protect and support her, until Olivia feel more confident in herself. 

     Favorite Quote:
 “Okay,” she said. “I think I’m normal again.” 
 “You’ll never be normal,” said Jasper. “It’s what we love you for.”

      The story of Olivia, Jasper, and Craig is a wonderful story about love and finding the person or people that make you feel complete. In my humble opinion, this story about feeling comfortable in your own skin or being okay to be yourself. I highly recommend this story to anyone. I loved that Roxie had Olivia working in a librarian and loved to read. ; ) 

*I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased review.*

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