🩸Fanged Night🩸

A dark-hearted vampire.

A feisty witch who thinks she’s in control.

She will soon learn that I am king of the night.

As dusk falls, creatures of the underworld—ghosts, goblins, witches, shifters and more—come out to reclaim their power from the vampires. But tonight, the enchanting little witch and the rest of her coven who believe it’s their turn to reign will learn how vampires maintain control of the darkness.

Especially this night when the full moon is in just the right position. All the purebloods are prepared to stave off the wiccan magic and the curse they plan against fanged creatures of the night.

And it would have been easy, until the sky filled with the screeching ghouls, and I’m left with the decision to save a beautiful enchantress from an early demise.

But vampires have rules.

Especially about witches.

Witches are off limits.

Forbidden to all vampires, even one related to a powerful vampire lord.

A young vampire simply does not fall for a witch—especially that mesmerizing witch who doesn’t know her place.


Can love survive the rules of the night?


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