JEWEL AND HER KINGS by Rosemary A Johns

Are you ready for this friends-to-lovers, forbidden found family Omegaverse romance with gorgeous, mysterious, and protective Alphas, Betas, and Omegas? Escape into the steamy world of Jewel & Her Kings! 

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The beautiful male Omega nuzzles my neck. He smells like a buttery pastry and is delicious enough to eat. He’s built a nest around me out of the Alpha’s clothes. 

The gorgeous Beta with honey eyes kisses me, hard and passionate. I shiver, surrounded by these three men’s love and lost in my first heat.

A heat that could kill me… 

“Alpha,” I murmur, “Alpha, Alpha…”

“I’m here, my Omega,” the Alpha’s voice is deep and rumbling. He strokes my face like I’m treasured, and I purr. “I’ve always been here.”

And he has. He’s my best friend. 

But if our bond doesn’t work tonight, then I’ll die…



My name is Jewel, and I’m an orphan Omega.

My first heat is coming, and the only pack who I want to spend it with are forbidden. Growing up in foster care in the billionaire King pack, I was chosen as a companion for the gorgeous, abandoned Alpha. He’s everything that an Omega would ever want. My other foster brothers are my best friends: an alluring, blind male Omega, who smells like heaven, and a hockey player Beta who takes care of us all. Together, we’re each other’s first loves, home, everything.

But then, the Alpha is given the ultimatum to bond with a wealthy Omega…or else. My best friends and I find ourselves fighting for our lives, futures, and love.

But will they still choose me, when they discover my secret?

A jewel. Her kings. A pack bond that changes everything.


Rosemary A Johns is the USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of complete series REBEL WEREWOLVES, REBEL GODS, REBEL DEMONS, and REBEL ACADEMY!

Rosemary writes swoonworthy book boyfriends, steamy shifters, sassy heroines, and thrilling series that will become your next obsession. 

Winner in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards and Best Indie Book of the Year Awards. 

An anti-hero addict, Rosemary is also a traditionally published short story writer. She’s always been a rebel…

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