Theirs : A Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance
Author Faith Summers
Dark Odyssey Club Fantasy Series

Available on #KindleUnlimited

They needed me. And I needed them too…
I’m broken again.
This time, my life is in danger.
Desperation has sent me running right back through the doors of the Dark Odyssey.
For those with money, the club is the Billionaire’s Playground.
The heathens haven of dark fantasy.
But for those like me, it’s the gateway to sell your soul when you have nothing left to give.
After my deceitful ex-husband left me in a mountain of debt, working at the club was my only option.
Then I met them—Cristiano, Knox, and Levi.
The ruthless leader, the vicious protector, and the daring rebel.
They gave me a way out of the devil’s contract—
All I have to do is become Cristiano’s wife so he can inherit his empire and all my problems will disappear.
Knox and Levi are the added bonus.
Except this isn’t a fairy tale.
If our secret arrangement is discovered it’s game over.

**Theirs is a dark fake fiancée romance set in the Dark Odyssey world, and a standalone novella in the Dark Odyssey Club Fantasy series.

Please note this story is a reverse harem so the heroine will end up with more than one love interest. This book is a dark mafia romance that contains mature content, graphic violence and may contain triggers. If such materials offend you, please do not read.

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