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Series: Royal Bastards MC
Chapter: Minneapolis, MN : Book One
Author: Daphne Loveling


USA Today Bestselling Author Daphne Loveling brings you her first MC romance set in the Royal Bastards MC World.
Years ago, I fell in love with an angel.
Only problem: her brother was in a rival MC.
My prez gave me an ultimatum: her or my club.
Fool that I was, I chose the club.
Years later, I run into her when she moves back to town.
She still hurts from the way I treated her back then.
But this time, I’m not giving her up.
Her brother’s club and mine are still bitter enemies.
And claiming Kat threatens to throw us into full-on war.
But none of that matters. I’m going to win her back.
This time, Kat is mine. No matter the cost.
Years ago, I fell in love with a biker.
He hurt me more than I ever thought I could be hurt.
But stupid me, I never stopped loving him.
The next time I see him is years later, when he saves me from a man who won’t take no for an answer.
I find myself falling for him all over again.
But my brother makes it clear: stay away from Fury and the Royal Bastards MC.
I know I can’t hide the relationship forever.
And when it comes out in the open, all hell will break loose.
Fury vows to protect me.
But loving him means risking everything I know.
Loving him means trusting that he won’t destroy my heart again.

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