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Master Descallia: Dark Vampire Romance (Masters of the Consulate Book 1) 

By Author Sylvia Black 


Salvatore Descallia, a purebread and Overlord to the Consulate of Masters, rules and fights with an iron fist. When he learns of the coup planned to blame his clan for disappearing women, he must move swiftly to deal with his enemies. He has every intention of killing everything in his way, until a new challenge presents itself,  one with crystalline green eyes who is close to death.

To save her life, Salvatore gives her immortality in exchange for a life of servitude in the underworld.

Consumed by coursing desire, Lucianna Denaro is helpless against the dark-eyed dominant stranger who expects her to learn the dangers and rituals of his world. While the underworld is new and death lurks at every corner, it is his touch that threatens to scorch them to ashes with its heat.

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