The Princess Pawn: The Castalian Moon Journals, Book 1
By Rowan St. George

Cover Design: Destiny Hawkins, Vibrant Designs
Genre: New Adult SciFi Romance
Release Date: July 16, 2020

Pre-Order Link: https://amzn.to/2RNVyWJ
Available on #KindleUnlimited upon release
#Blogger & Reader signup: https://forms.gle/4cUTSprqh8n3fR4i8

Castalia – an outer moon to the dead planet, Axon. A paradise of floating cities and magnificent cerulean seas. Keira, the Princess of Castalia, loves Prince Asher from Katari, who she is destined to marry to keep the peace. Betrayed by her father. A pawn traded as property. Will Keira do what she must to escape Delta 4?
Asher has no desire to be the future King. He cares for Princess Keira, and when he learns that she has been kidnapped he stops at nothing to find her. The clock is ticking as conflict and war looms between Castalia and Katari. Can Asher, with the help of Keira’s brother, Prince Riley find a solution in time? Will they save the girl from the clutches of a mad man, as well as maintain tranquility between both worlds?

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