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Rage by Ker Dukey

Series: Royal Bastards MC

Little Rock, AR Chapter 2

Release: September 8, 2020

Genre: MC Romance

Goodreads link: https://tinyurl.com/RAGEKERDUKEY


Gabe “The Raging Beast” Cohen.

Death. Blood. Pain.

In all wars, there are casualties. I just didn’t think they would be ours.

The memory, guilt of everything that’s gone down over the last few months, has rooted itself

deep inside me, tearing open old wounds.

I’ve spent my life in a constant state between agony and rage since I lost my wife.

And now, I’m seeing her ghost everywhere I look.

But what if she isn’t a ghost?

What if it was all a lie?

I’ve been lost to the darkness before, and my brothers pulled me out.

I don’t think there’s an out this time.

I’m becoming the darkness.

To seek out the truth, I must first uncover the lie.

Death leaves an echo.

Blood. A scent.


Pain has left an insatiable RAGE.

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