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Callous (The Alpha Bodyguard Series Book 6) by Sybil Bartel
The Alpha Bodyguards Series



Silent observer.

Life was in the details. The weight of a government issued rifle, the trajectory of a bullet, the speed of the wind—those details were crucial in the Marines. But outside the military, that level of observation was currency, and I was selling my skills to the best security firm in south Florida.

Except I wasn’t on a job when I noticed the nervous brunette pushing through the crowd. Her hair loose, her shirt borrowed, she stumbled in too-big shoes before looking over her shoulder. I didn’t follow her glance. I didn’t have to. I’d already spotted the muscle after her. The question was if I was going to do anything about it. Before I could decide, her pursuer took aim. It was the wrong move.

Now everyone was going to find out how callous a bodyguard could be.

*CALLOUS is the sixth standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard Series.

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