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Seasons of Seduction by Adele Niles

Get ready for the Seasons of Seduction series. Each book can be read on its own and in any order.

♥️ Scorched: An Alpha Older Man and Curvy Younger Woman Romance (Seasons of Seduction Book 1)

Cassie Kidd has inherited the keys to a kingdom she never wanted and from a man she barely knew, her step-dad. But taking over his California Beach mansion has its perks, even if it doesn’t dull the pain of losing her last connection to her dead mother.
And relaxing poolside, topless, with a stiff drink, brings its own problems. Especially when temporary pool boy Myles Lincoln shows up and gets more than an eyeful of curvy Cassie.

Myles has rebuilt his life, little by little, thanks to some help from an old friend and a favor. He never realized that the favor he was repaying would put him at the feet of the gorgeous Cassie in all of her naked glory.
When the two collide, it brings a whole new level of heat to the California summer.

♥️ Flung: An Alpha Older Man and Curvy Younger Woman Romance (Seasons of Seduction Book 2)

Emma Brown has ignored everything and everyone around her the last six years, except for college. No men. No Sex. No fun. When she finally graduates she’s left with a pile of debt, two degrees and not a single fun memory to speak of. When bestie Marylin decides it’s time for Emma to finally let loose, neither expect that quiet and curvy Emma will take Spring Break by storm and bring the most wanted Bachelor in South Beach to his knees.

When the sand storm settles, Emma’s spring fling is anything but over as Colton Cason shows Emma everything that life really has to offer.

♥️ Snowbody: An Alpha Older Man and BBW Romance (Seasons of Seduction Book 3)

Maddy Sutton has quietly lived in her sister’s shadow since the day she was born. She’s never been the prettiest or the smartest or the best at anything, which has only made sister Melody shine brighter in the spotlight. When Maddy shows up at Daddy’s winter resort, she turns things upside down, including local legend and scorching hot snowboarder Jacob Reed. Jacob- knows that the Sutton sisters are off-limits or he’ll pay the price. A price that could ruin his life and his career, but Maddy brings new curves to the ski resort that Jacob has dreams of riding.

♥️ Autumn’s Coming: An Alpha Older Man and BBW Romance (Seasons of Seduction Book 4)

The last place Autumn Jenkins ever imagined herself to be was standing on a stage at a strip club and swinging from a pole, especially when she only signed up to be a waitress and make a few tips. But when Autumn finds herself hiding behind a mask and face to face with a sexy stranger, she gets more than she bargained for.

Cody Gray is all business. He takes what and who he wants to continue his success in life and business. When he finds himself blowing off some steam at a friend’s bachelor party he doesn’t expect to be intrigued by a curvy masked beauty dangling from a pole, especially when it turns out to be his star student.

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