Li’l Red Coming September 12th

By ~ J Morgan Woodall


Once upon a time …

Legend tells us there once lived in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, a young girl by the name of Iva Belle Hood. But most people knew her simply as “Li’l Red.”

Iva Belle lived at a time in our history when the world teetered on the brink of hopelessness. Depression cast a dark shadow over the land. Lawlessness, poverty and despair blanketed the nation as Prohibition and economic chaos turned average citizens into outlaws and outcasts.

For the Hoods, life went on as it had always been. Their ancestors had come to the mountains of Southern Appalachia centuries earlier, bringing with them the customs of their ancestral homelands, Ireland and Scotland. They also brought their whiskey-making skills. Many a family had their own distinct recipes, uniquely distilled in such a way that no other spirit could imitate it. These formulas were closely-guarded secrets, passed down from father-to son, generation after generation.

With Prohibition the law of the land, illicit liquor was never in more demand. But all too often blood flowed right alongside the moonshine flowing down out of the mountains into the big cities. Gangsters and even the clans themselves battled each other to see who would control the trade. The Hood clan found themselves swept up in the violence and bloodshed that resulted.

Barely eighteen and barely a woman, Iva Belle finds she has to grow up far too fast. Her father has been killed by revenooers. Her mother has grieved herself to death. Her brother, Johnny Boy is doing all he can to keep the family moonshine trade going and keep food on the table, but he’s about to crack from the strain. And now, her baby sister, Delia, is dying of consumption.

Determined not to lose another family member and out of medical options, Iva Belle makes the drastic decision to ride “up the mountain” to see “Ma,” matriarch of the infamous Wolfe clan. Ma has a reputation of being able to heal people through casting spells and black magic. Some say she’s a witch. Iva Belle doesn’t care. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to save her sister.

Sometimes, we never really think things through. Sometimes, we don’t really thing about what sacrifice really entails. Iva Belle is about to discover what it means to give all for someone. In this dark, erotic tale of lust and adventure, she will learn the true meaning of the three words, “mind, body and soul.” Will she give them willingly for family? Will she give them for love? And even if she does, will it be enough? Or will it be a deal with the Devil she’ll regret for eternity?

So, join her on her quest. Take a ride up the mountain with Li’l Red.

That is, if you’re not afraid of the Big Bad Wolfes.


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