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“You don’t have to say goodbye, but it’s easier if you do.”

Being a vampire was supposed to be easy. Hunting, feeding and preying on the weak are the simple ways to survive in a world of chaos and evil. The hard part was something Drake had avoided for centuries, alone.

Having a seer meant responsibility and protecting her. In a world where being selfish was acceptable, he was forced to protect a stranger. His stranger.

He needed her for strength. She needed him to survive.

Every person believes they will go to heaven. You spend your life going to church, obeying the rules and doing the right thing in hopes that a higher power grants you access through the pearly gates. The other option is Hell, or so we thought.

After her death, Ashley waited for the bright light that never came or the dark cloud that evaded her. What she didn’t expect was Thaddeus. Her choice was made and the link was something they never expected.

Being a ghost was hard enough, but being linked to a vampire that cannot keep himself out of trouble was proving to be more difficult than either of them expected. As Ashley’s visions become increasingly more graphic, she is forced to watch herself do bad things to good people while Thaddeus is blind to her murderous spree.

When the lines blur and he gets a peek in to her premonitions, Ashley is at risk of losing more than just her life. She could lose everything, including her vampire.

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