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Shared By The Oil Barons: A Menage Romance by Roma James

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She met both of her dream guys in less than 24 hours. If only her new job didn’t have strict rules against fraternizing with the bosses…

When I landed a high-paying admin job at a high-profile oil company straight out of a temp agency, I traded rainy Washington for Texas sunshine—and a contract that trapped me with the Boss From Hell.

Literally. No one as devious and manipulative as Landon Smithfield, the CEO and my new evil overlord, could possibly be as drop-dead gorgeous as he is without signing his soul away. But the Landon outside of the office is a completely different person than the oil executive, someone I could genuinely relate to.

Someone I’m dangerously close to falling for. Hard.

My only relief from the Landon situation is the equally handsome head of IT, Dave Greenall. He makes me laugh enough that I forget my insecurities, and the sexual tension between us makes me feel like we’re violating company policy just by being in the same room together.

Actually, Dave’s more of a second delicious problem than a solution…

I need to conquer these cravings so I don’t lose my job. But it turns out Landon and Dave have cravings of their own—for me to admit my desires, to surrender to them both…

For them to claim me as their own.

In every way.

Shared by the Oil Barons is a steamy, MFM ménage romance with a happy ending made for fans of sassy heroines who don’t have to choose between one smoking hot billionaire and… another smoking hot billionaire. You’re welcome.

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