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Bound By Steel: Mountain Misfits MC by Deja Voss

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Two bad ass bikers, one sassy bartender with a heart of gold and the mouth of a sailor, will their fight for a happily ever after end in a fight for their lives?

When I took a job bartending at the Bucktail Saloon, the local dive owned by the Mountain Misfits MC, I ended up with a lot more than I bargained for.
These men are my family, this club is my world, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I have a place I can call home.
I would do anything to protect the patch and my reputation, even if it means I’ll spend the rest of my life single and alone.
Besides, if it came down to choosing between the men I loved the most, I don’t think I could.
Red and Tank, the enforcers for the MC, have been on my radar since the day I walked through that door.
There’s Mr. Right, Tank, dark, brooding, and a master motorcycle mechanic who really has his life together. He’s way too good for a girl like me.
Then there’s Red, aspiring MMA fighter with the random tattoos and abs for days to prove it, Mr. Right Up My Alley. I’m sure if we hooked up, it’d only be a matter of time before we ended up dead or in jail.
When Red approaches me with a proposition that I can’t turn down, one that almost seems too good to be true, it becomes apparent that sometimes the right choice is no choice at all. And sometimes a perfect, violent, quiet storm comes along and makes all the choices for you.

Bound By Steel is a steamy full length novel featuring a MFM romance. Can be enjoyed as a standalone, but if you’ve been following the Mountain Misfits MC, there’s lots of cameos from all your favorite characters! Warning: motorcycle club violence and language.

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