Bare Your Soul

Rochelle Paige (Author)

       Bare Your Soul is a sexy, steamy novella. This book starts off with a bang. When Morgan, the owner of a strip club, stop by the club and sees a girl attempting an audition. He allows the girl to do a private audition with him. HOT! Angelica is on her own since her mother died and in need of money for college. After dancing for Morgan, Angelica is offer a job, but it is not at the strip club. Morgan is very bossy and is a total alpha male. He moves Angelica in with him. Morgan tells Angelica to be a good girl and no dirty mouth (language) outside the bedroom. This couple has great chemistry, and there are steamy, sexy scenes. One of my favorite scenes was the audition. It was scorching hot. I highly recommend this book, especially is you like alpha males. I will definitely look for more books by this author.

5 Sizzling Star Rating!

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