Rough (The Bear Chronicles of Willow Creek Book 1)

Emily Minton & Julia Keith (Authors)

        Rough is a shifter book. The story is based around a town of shifters. They are trying to keep their secrets safe. But when a journalist comes around looking for the story, Ethan must do something to protect his town. It is rumored that outsiders are not allowed in the town. As Mayor, Ethan decides to bring in an outsider and decides to marry. Amelia and her sister have grown up in the foster care system. Amelia’s sister is about to age out of the system, and Amelia wants to find a way to care or support both of them. So she fills out an application on line, Amelia is hoping to find a husband in a modern day, Mail Order Bride. In the application, Amelia stated that she wanted to bring her sister with her. When Ethan picks Amelia, either person was sure how they would get along. Ethan and Amelia discovered their strong attraction, desire and chemistry. Ethan realizes that Amelia is the one for him as soon as she gets off the plane. He goes all alpha male and tells her, “You’re Mine.”. Then he wants to “mark her” in the bathroom. This is very hot, quick read. It has insta-love / insta-lust shifters (paranormal), and hot,steamy sex scenes.

4 Shifter Stars Rating!

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