Longing For Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 5)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Longing For Love Stars Rating!

       Longing For Wolves is the 5th book in the series. It can be read as a stand alone. It is another great story with a hot ménage. The author has done it again and created characters that you want to care about. This book is slightly different than the others in the series. Where in other books the characters (shifter wolves) are looking for a female to complete the triad, in this story the female mate has died in an accident years earlier.

        Calder and Sam were once in a triad with Marie.  They were happy and in love. But after Marie died in an accident, Calder woke up one day and left town. He left his family and Sam behind. Calder returns to Rustvale for Greta’s wedding without telling anyone.
       Annika is a baker and runs her own shop. She is busy preparing for Greta’s wedding (her best friend), when she meets a man eating some of the wedding desserts. Annika becomes attracted to two men at the same time, one of whom is Greta’s brother.

        Sam has made some changes since the break up or loss of his relationship. Sam is a tattoo artist and owns his own shop. He has missed Calder since he has left town. Sam runs into Calder at Tooth and Claw bar when he was on his way in. Sam is surprised to see him and didn’t know that he was in town. He still has feeling for Calder.

        Both men express their feelings for each other in a hot night together. Sam doesn’t want to get hurt again and doesn’t know if Calder is planning on staying in town. They both are attracted to Annika and decide to ask her out. Annika, Sam and Calder are all successful in their own right, but they are lonely. All three of them long to find love. They must decide if they are willing to put themselves out there / be vulnerable to get it (in my opinion).

       I love the occupation that Calder has and how he described who people thought he really was. Hilarious! Some of my favorite scenes are when Annika meets Calder, and he eats her brownies. I enjoyed the scene when she is gossiping to Sam not knowing that it involved him. Poor Annika. I loved all the tricks / antics that Scarlet does to get Annika to go to the tattoo shop.

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