Fighting For Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 2) 

Roxie Noir (Author)

4  Wolf Shifter Stars!

          This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Fighting For Wolves is a story about 2 wolves shifter / men and a new woman in town. It has love, romance, ménage, mystery, murder, and a HEA.  
    *possible spoiler*

         Grace Macauley (Grey) is new to town. She teaches kindergarten and gambles in an underground poker game. One night after leaving the poker game, Grey finds a dead body. She has a gambling problem.  So finding a dead body and other reasons doesn’t stop Grey from going back to or thinking about going back to the underground poker game. Grey is a good girl by day and participates  in illegal activities at night.
         Dane Sorenson is a detective for the Rustvale Police Department. He is a follow the rules kind of guy. Dane is now having to investigate a homicide. It is the first murder that the town has had in 30 years. Dane and Issac are both wolf shifters and mates. Issac Yates is a former champion wolf fighter. He is now an accountant, but he continues to think about fighting. Issac wants to go back into the ring one more time for the adrenaline and the money, so he says. He is too afraid to tell Dane about his decision for one last fight. Dane is still has a bad boy in him.

         Grey meets Issac and Dane at different times, but feels an instant connection with both men. Issac and Dane feel that they have found their third mate. Now Dane just have to work on finding the murderer and clearing Grey’s name.

         My favorite scene is the one in the jailhouse / holding cell. I loved the chemistry between Grey, Dane, and Issac. I appreciated that the author made Grey character gutsy enough to go to Issac’s fight. I like that Grey wanted to be there for him even though it could look bad for her.

* Received this book for an unbiased review*

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