Running With Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 1)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Stars!

*Possible Spoiler*

     Running With Wolves is another great story by Roxie Noir. It is the first book in the Shifter Country Wolves series.  Since this is the first book, the reader is given the back story or the development of the characters and their pasts. It features a triad of wolf shifters. This book has steamy menage scenes, action, suspense, and romance. It is definitely a must read. 

     Greta Waltz is the owner of Tooth & Claw Saloon and to the horror of her parents still single. Greta is the daughter of the pack alpha. She has fiery personality and is strong, independent woman. Greta is not easily intimidated or too scared to break up a bar fight, but does have a vulnerable side. She has been getting a weird vibe from Zeke, a shifter wolf, who is a regular at her bar. Greta constantly turns down his advances.

      The “former” nerd Elliott Whiting has moved back to town with his mate, Shane. They have a run into Greta at her bar, after Shane gets into a bar fight. Greta is the one to break up it up. Elliott left town to attend college and become a professor. He has changed and longer looks like the nerdy boy that Greta went to school with. Shane and Elliott met and fell in love. The men want to find a third mate.Shane has a anger issue and has not been in a pack like Elliott and Greta have. Shane does enjoy cooking for Elliott and and being a stay at home mate. 

      When they run into Greta, Elliott and Shane are sure that she is meant to be their mate. Shane and Elliott try to date Greta, but things don’t go smoothly for them. Someone does not want Greta to be with the men. She also is having family struggles as well and needs some wolf time.  

       All three of the characters have strengths and weakness, but together they make each better and stronger. Elliott and Greta have things that they have not told their families about (whether it is their feelings or occupation). I love the chemistry between Shane, Elliott and Greta. I loved the character, Greta. I can’t wait to read the next book and find out about Dane, Zeke’s brother.

*I received this book in exchange for an unbiased review.*


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