Longing For Love With A Side Of Hot Ménage!

Longing For Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 5)

Roxie Noir (Author)

4 1/2 Longing For Love Stars Rating!

       Longing For Wolves is the 5th book in the series. It can be read as a stand alone. It is another great story with a hot ménage. The author has done it again and created characters that you want to care about. This book is slightly different than the others in the series. Where in other books the characters (shifter wolves) are looking for a female to complete the triad, in this story the female mate has died in an accident years earlier.

        Calder and Sam were once in a triad with Marie.  They were happy and in love. But after Marie died in an accident, Calder woke up one day and left town. He left his family and Sam behind. Calder returns to Rustvale for Greta’s wedding without telling anyone.
       Annika is a baker and runs her own shop. She is busy preparing for Greta’s wedding (her best friend), when she meets a man eating some of the wedding desserts. Annika becomes attracted to two men at the same time, one of whom is Greta’s brother.

        Sam has made some changes since the break up or loss of his relationship. Sam is a tattoo artist and owns his own shop. He has missed Calder since he has left town. Sam runs into Calder at Tooth and Claw bar when he was on his way in. Sam is surprised to see him and didn’t know that he was in town. He still has feeling for Calder.

        Both men express their feelings for each other in a hot night together. Sam doesn’t want to get hurt again and doesn’t know if Calder is planning on staying in town. They both are attracted to Annika and decide to ask her out. Annika, Sam and Calder are all successful in their own right, but they are lonely. All three of them long to find love. They must decide if they are willing to put themselves out there / be vulnerable to get it (in my opinion).

       I love the occupation that Calder has and how he described who people thought he really was. Hilarious! Some of my favorite scenes are when Annika meets Calder, and he eats her brownies. I enjoyed the scene when she is gossiping to Sam not knowing that it involved him. Poor Annika. I loved all the tricks / antics that Scarlet does to get Annika to go to the tattoo shop.

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Sexy, Alpha Biker Learns To Change For An Independent Woman!

The Billionaire Biker’s Bitch 2: An Alpha Billionaire Romance

Layla Wilcox (Author)

5 Sexy, Alpha Biker Star Rating!

          Alexander and Claire’s story continues in this book. The chemistry between the two characters are just as combustible in the second book. Other characters are introduced and have key parts in this book. 

          Claire has enjoyed her time (weekend) with Alex. She knows that there is still the rules / policy at the company about no dating, but Claire thought they would work that out. Claire is surprised when Alex seems to solve that problem by finding her a potential new job. Alex tells her that “rules are rules”. Claire decides to keep her job and find her own ride home. 

          Alex is stunned by Claire “dumping” him and doesn’t know how to react. He is used to women chasing after him. Alex has trouble being the Billionaire CEO businessman everyday at work. He gets very upset when Claire’s ex-boyfriend shows up to work. This causes Claire to quit, and Alex to need advice from a friend. 

         *Possible Spoiler* In the end, Alex and Claire have low moments where they are left vulnerable and in need of support from their friends. Claire and Alex find the strength to reach out to the other, so they can be together again. 

        I love the scene in Claire’s apartment. Poor Claire! It is great that the author brings the story back to where it all began. I love that Claire is strong, feisty woman who stands up to Alex. This was a great ending to this series. I highly recommend this book. 

I received this ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Houston, Jack & Kirsten Plus Elvis = True Love In Vegas!

Betting On Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 3)

Roxie Noir (Author)

      Betting On Wolves is the third book in the series, but can be read as a stand alone. It is another great menage story that takes place in Las Vegas. This is a steamy read with lots of romance.

      Kirsten is in Vegas with her girlfriends to celebrate her divorce. She doesn’t feel like have a divorce party / celebration, but goes anyway. Kirsten meets two sexy men while getting a quick drink. Kirsten doesn’t let the men know that she is the one who just got divorced. She is still upset that her jerk of an ex-husband got to keep her dog. 

      Houston and Jack, wolf shifters, are in Vegas for the rodeo. They make the trip to Las Vegas every year. Houston and Jack are mates and are looking for a woman to complete their triad (be their third). They are known to be players or playboys as they search for the woman who will complete their triad. “Wink” “Wink”  Both men feel a connection to Kirsten when they meet her.

      Kirsten, Houston & Jack spend the entire night together getting to know each other and getting really drunk. They dance, sing karaoke, go to a western / country bar & go to visit a Elvis Impersonator. Kirsten tell the men the story behind the divorce party / celebration, the cheating ex-husband, the dog, but not that she was the one who got divorced. Later they all end up in the men’s suite, and it gets very mind-blowing & sensual. The next day, Kirsten wakes up with a terrible hang over, notices the wedding ring, and remembers that the three of them got married. 

      I love the surprise that Houston and Jack did for Kirsten. It is very sweet. One of my favorite (funny) scenes is when Kirsten and Houston run into each other in the bathroom at the western / country bar. Oops! I loved when Houston, Jack & Kirsten tried to do karaoke. Overall, I really enjoy all three characters. Houston & Jack are sexy cowboy, who know their way around each other’s and a woman’s body. Also they love to have a good time with a woman that doesn’t have be in the bedroom, like dancing (even if they don’t know how to) and singing (even if they don’t know the words or can’t really sing). I love a man that can have a good time with me and look good doing it. Kirsten is an independent, strong & sassy woman. In my opinion, Kirsten is also trying to be positive and continue moving forward in life, or she would not have given Houston and Jack at chance. I really loved this book.

5 Sizzling Elvis Stars!

*I received this arc book in exchange for an honest review*


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A Gambler, A Fighter, & A Detective Make An Interesting Triad!

Fighting For Wolves (Shifter Country Wolves Book 2) 

Roxie Noir (Author)

4  Wolf Shifter Stars!

          This is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. Fighting For Wolves is a story about 2 wolves shifter / men and a new woman in town. It has love, romance, ménage, mystery, murder, and a HEA.  
    *possible spoiler*

         Grace Macauley (Grey) is new to town. She teaches kindergarten and gambles in an underground poker game. One night after leaving the poker game, Grey finds a dead body. She has a gambling problem.  So finding a dead body and other reasons doesn’t stop Grey from going back to or thinking about going back to the underground poker game. Grey is a good girl by day and participates  in illegal activities at night.
         Dane Sorenson is a detective for the Rustvale Police Department. He is a follow the rules kind of guy. Dane is now having to investigate a homicide. It is the first murder that the town has had in 30 years. Dane and Issac are both wolf shifters and mates. Issac Yates is a former champion wolf fighter. He is now an accountant, but he continues to think about fighting. Issac wants to go back into the ring one more time for the adrenaline and the money, so he says. He is too afraid to tell Dane about his decision for one last fight. Dane is still has a bad boy in him.

         Grey meets Issac and Dane at different times, but feels an instant connection with both men. Issac and Dane feel that they have found their third mate. Now Dane just have to work on finding the murderer and clearing Grey’s name.

         My favorite scene is the one in the jailhouse / holding cell. I loved the chemistry between Grey, Dane, and Issac. I appreciated that the author made Grey character gutsy enough to go to Issac’s fight. I like that Grey wanted to be there for him even though it could look bad for her.

* Received this book for an unbiased review*

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