Flames of Passion by Roxie Noir

Flames of Passion

Roxie Noir (Author)

       Jackson and Shane are smokejumpers and firefighters. Tessa is a reporter on assignment with the men and their crew. While writing a piece, Tessa realizes that she is attracted to both men. Shane and Jackson are also interested in Tessa. When she goes to investigate a strange noise, she discovers the two men in a tent. Tessa hears them in the throws of passion. She decides to stay and watch. Very juicy!  Jackson and Shane show Tessa what it feels like to share and to watch. I love when Jackson show Tessa how to play the card game, Strip War, in the middle of camp. Tessa has a hard time staying quiet with these two (separately and together). Shane and Jackson are dirty talking, alpha males. The scenes with Jackson and Shane were hot and steamy. I loved the way the story ended with a hea. What girl won’t want two sexy men all to herself?!

5 Sexual Stars Rating!

Bi Sexual Men = Yes, and Yum, Yum! 5 Stars!
Menage = Yes, 5 Stars! 
Alpha Males = Yep! Love them! 5 Stars!
HEA = Yes, 5 Stars!
Hotness / Sexy = 5 Stars!
Romance = 5 Stars!
Recommend To Others = Yes!

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