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Warrior (First To Fight Book 1)

Nicole Blanchard (Author)

     Warrior is a story about love, second chances, struggles (both mental and physical), family, and so much more. This book takes the reader on a wild ride through every emotion. I found myself crying one moment and laughing the next. The reader will feel sadness, angry, fear, happiness, and love. This is a book unlike any other that I have read lately, in the best possible way. 

  *Possible Spoilers*

    After time spent in foster care, Olivia was adopted as a young girl into a loving family. Her older brother Jack is very protective of Olivia. One of Jack’s best friends is Ben. As a teen, Olivia has a crush on Ben. They shared a kiss, before he went into the military. Ben felt that he would never be good enough for Olivia. He calls Olivia, his sweet spitfire. Ben loves her hair and when she gets fired up / feisty. 

    While home on leave, Ben see Olivia again. They share an incredible night together, before he deploys overseas. Both of them know that they can only have the one night. What they share is very special. When they part the next day, Ben tells Olivia that he knows that he can’t ask her to wait for him, but he hopes that she will. 

    Ben comes home a changed man from his experiences, what he has seen, and his injuries. Olivia has changed also (death of family, her own struggles, being attacked, a child with health issues, etc). Olivia is a fighter and a survivor. When Ben comes back into Olivia’s life, he wants to protect and keep her and her son safe. Olivia is not sure if she wants to open her heart to Ben again. She is afraid to be hurt again.

     Ben and Olivia are both fiercely loyal and protective of their family. They both have vulnerabilities and fears/demons (like most people). Due to these fears / demons, their are (other twist and turns) events that happen, not for the good in the story. But Ben and Olivia learn to trust each other again for their family and find their happily ever after. 

     This story is told in the POV of both Ben and Olivia. It will keep you on the edge of your seat all the way through. I hope that I did this story justice with this review, because I LOVED it. I just hope that I expressed myself completely. I highly recommend this book. I am looking forward to the next book. 

**I received this arc book in exchange for an unbiased and honest review.**

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