Tied & Twisted (Blue Room VIPs Book 1)

Tied & Twisted (Blue Room VIP Book 1)

Emily Ryan-Davis (Author)

    Jovanna and David story is very hot & steamy. The majority of it takes place in Jovanna’s shop or a BDSM club. There are some aspects that you don’t expect like; who is stalking Jovanna and the type of shop that she owns to name a few. I loved how strong, bossy & dominate David is. I enjoyed that Jovanna tries to be a top and a bottom (as the story puts it). I highly recommend this book. Now I am off to get the next book in the series.

Sizzle / Heat = 5 Star!
Romance = 4 Stars!
Kink = Yes
Alpha Male = Oh yes!
Overall = 4 1/2 Stars!

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