Rough Love (Rattlesnake Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)

Rough Love (Rattlesnake Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)

Meg Jackson (Author)

Hot, Dirty, Rough Novella with a bad boy who is a member of a motorcycle gang.

       Serena is out to punish her dad by buying items from his rival’s agency. Her mother died when she was young, and Serena’s only friend is her maid. She comes home to find that her apartment has been trashed / ransacked. Instead on running out and calling the police, Serena searches through the rooms for her maid. She ends up being kidnapped.

       Gunner is a leader of a motorcycle gang. He is has kidnapped Serena for ransom. He is a sexy biker with a sensitive side. As soon as Serena see Gunner for first time, she is attracted to him. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman. Gunner has Serena send videos to her father everyday. He lets her know that he had an rough childhood. As these two spend more time together, they talk and the sexual tension grows. These two are very hot together. There are some rough, dirty and hot sex, like the one in the shed / dingy room where Serena is held.

        Eventually Gunner tells Serena what is really going on with her kidnapping and her father. He asks Serena to go see her father and steal something of his that is very important to him. The other bikers didn’t know if she would do it and prove to be with them / Gunner.

       There is a lot of hot sex scenes in this book. There is also an instant love with Serena and Gunner. I didn’t mind that part and still enjoyed the story of the couple. If you are looking for a short, sexy read, this is a book for you. Holy Hot Bikers!! I am looking forward to other books by Meg Jackson.

Sexy/Hotness = 5 Stars!
Romance = 4 1/2 Stars!
Alpha Male = Oh Yes!
Recommend To Others = Yes
Overall = 4 1/2 Stars!

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