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Part of the Dark & Deadly Series
Gypsy Publishing brings
Holly J. Gill
A Dark mafia Romance
Amazon: https://books2read.com/u/3JevzX
I had to run, I had to keep myself hidden or Ricco would find me.
I can’t marry Ricco, he’s a monster.
Somehow, I managed to fall into the wrong hands…
The darkness of the enemy and to save my life, I had to lie.
I’m a Dellucci, and we’re at war with the Conti’s.
I have watched people be murdered, souls stolen, girls used, and games played, all in the name of power.
I must play his game, to stay alive.
Only being held and threatened with a gun, I fear for my life.
Yet, things take an unexpected turn when I least expected it.
I am a Conti out for revenge after Dellucci killed my father if I get him his pathetic psychic, Ricco will follow.
I want to wear their blood.
I find out Dellucci’s daughter has gone missing, I make it my mission to find her, she is the way to get Dellucci and Ricco to me.
I find myself in a strange position, a young woman has manged to get passed my crazy security and onto my land. How does that happen? If she can do it, so can the enemy.
I somehow, take sympathy on her and take her in, little did I know what the future and secrets that were held.

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