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A Cuffed & Pinched Duet
Author: Kristine Allen
Cover Designer: Avery Kingston
Model: Daniel Rengering
Photographer: Jean Maureen Woodfin

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I’m Roman Prescott. As fifth generation Chicago PD and a member of the dedicated SWAT team, my life had no room for a relationship. I lived, breathed, and sh*t my career. With every call, I knew it could be my last.

Until Tawny Russo barreled into my life.

Feisty, sexy, and smart—she knew how to keep me on my toes. Unfortunately, she’s a criminal defense attorney who spends her days defending the people I put behind bars.

A deadly stalker is closing in on her and one of her clients is Vince Dalton—my childhood friend. Our careers are clashing and one of us will end up in the crossfire. It’s going to take everything I have to make sure we both make it out alive.

But such is the weight of honor.

** This is the extended version of a short story found in the TNTNYC’s Cuffed & Pinched Anthologies and the counter-story to M. Merin’s The Weight of Blood.

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