Kai’s story is almost here! The next book in Author Jamie Schlosser’s steamy & magical fantasy series is releasing on December 11th. You can pre-order The Fae Warrior’s Queen on Amazon now!!


I don’t know how long I’ve been enslaved in the Lost Land, but by the time a fierce warrior comes to my rescue, I think it’s too late for me. This place robs you of your emotions and takes away all your hope. It turns you into an empty shell until there’s nothing left to save.

But, miraculously, within minutes of meeting Kai, I start to feel sparks of life inside me—admiration, attraction, and most of all, empathy.

My scarred hero wears the evidence of his own trauma on his skin. Hundreds of thick lines are displayed on his arms, his back, and even on his face. He’s obviously been through unthinkable pain, yet he’s strong, brave, and passionately determined to resurrect my dead heart.

Unfortunately, my captor won’t just let us walk out of here. Always one for games, the evil overlord presents us with our only way to escape: If we face three challenges in his enchanted maze and win each test, we’re free to go.

Kai has no idea what he’s agreeing to when he says yes, but I do. Without a doubt, it’s a trick. Because Armand wants my misery above all else, and the best way for him to get it is to let me fall in love with a man I don’t get to keep.

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Cover design: Book Cover Kingdom

Model: Reeff Kuhn

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster

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