Check out this brand new, hot historical western cover from Maddie Taylor.

Westward Bound, a Jackson Brothers prequel, releases October 24th!
Design: Fantasia Frog Designs
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True love conquers all, but can it survive in the Wild West?

With the threat of war growing more real by the day, Henry Jackson faces an impossible choice. Virginia is divided, with half the state poised to secede, leaving the Jackson family farm teetering on the very border that will divide the north and south. To protect his wife and their three teenage boys, Henry accepts the government’s promise of land and a fresh start in the untamed western territories. 

Despite the distance from the unrest, the Jacksons exchange one danger for another. The challenges of their new life are many, especially for Leticia, Henry’s wife. Leaving behind her family home, her friends and neighbors, and many of her cherished family keepsakes are beyond difficult. And Letty finds the demands of frontier life, the loneliness, and the new rules put in place to protect her almost too much to bear. 

As a greenhorn pioneer, she finds herself in one scrape after another, and the decisions she’s often pushed to make aren’t wise. Repeatedly risking injury or death is something Henry will not abide, and although his devotion is unquestionable, his patience eventually wears thin. Determined to keep the woman he loves safe, he lays down the law to ensure her survival. Will his firm hand dampen her spirit? Or will Letty finally accept that her home and heart have always been with Henry and her boys? 

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