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When every step feels like it’s a minefield…
Can they get a second chance on love or will their future blow up in their face?

After growing up in Maine and serving time in the military, Sheriff Marc Singer is content to be settled in Whispering Springs. He’s reconnected with his extended Montgomery family living in that area of Texas. He loves his job, his life, and his town, Sure, he’s almost forty with no wife or children, but he’s comfortable with his quiet life. He’s had one marriage…and divorce…to the love of his life. That was traumatic enough for him that he isn’t looking to repeat the experience. When a teen girl shows up on his doorstep claiming to be his daughter, the bombshell announcement blows open doors he’d thought long shut.

Dr. Jennifer Winslow Singer Tate always regretted that her first marriage to her high school boyfriend ended in divorce, but they were young and impulsive. Emotions were explosive. Their fights were legendary. But the sex had been hot enough to burn the sheets. The next time she married, she chose a sedate, calm, rational man. Their life had no major highs and no major lows and she found her professional life fulfilling in ways her personal life wasn’t. Now a widow with a smart and gifted teenager daughter, she’s not looking for another ride on the merry-go-round of marriage. When her daughter flees to Texas to find the man she believes is her biological father, Jenn must face her ex-husband and some possible hard truths.

Thrown together sixteen years after their divorce, Marc and Jenn must face the possibility that one night of passion after their divorce might have produced a daughter. But as they present a united front to the runaway teen, will they find the desire they once had still burns inside? Can a divorced couple go home again?

Texas Bombshell is the touching eleventh book in the Whispering Springs, Texas western romance series. If you like relatable heroes, plenty of wit and charm, and tiny-town backdrops, you’ll adore Cynthia D’Alba’s tale of beginning all over again.

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