Title: Enemies in Ruin
Trope: Dark Mafia Romance
Authors: Vi Carter and E.R. Whyte

The ink isn’t dry on the contract for my arranged marriage when my first and only love comes back to town.
The Pits demand five souls, turning men into monsters. I know this, as it took away my humanity when I was forced to kill my best friend.
It wasn’t just his life that ended that day but mine, too. I lost not only him, but his sister and my lover—who can never discover the truth of her brother’s death.
I swore before I snapped his neck that I would find out who runs the Pits and bring them to their knees.
I become an Untouchable, working in the shadows with law enforcement. The punishment for such betrayal is death.
I have nothing to lose, though. Nothing, that is, until Carina comes back to town.
She left as a girl and returned as a woman, rising beautiful and strong and a mafia queen in her own right.
Even as I crave her touch, my secrets are choking me along with the marriage contract I just signed to another woman.
But no matter how hard I try to stay away; Carina will always be the inescapable lure. The closer we get, the more danger we are in, until a hit on Carina forces my hand.
I have two choices.
Stay loyal to my family and let Carina die.
Or f*ck my family’s legacy and save the woman I love.

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