Shape of My Heart by Khardine Gray


There was a time when I was a football god, and I had the world at my fingertips.
I was the legendary Josh Mancini, star linebacker for the L.A. Gladiators.
Women worshipped me.
Men wanted to be me.
Then tragedy struck, and I lost myself.
I was en route to losing my career too.
Until her.
Amy Rose.
My new PA.
The sweet, flawless goddess of a woman tasked with resurrecting the old me for the upcoming season.
Hiring her was a clever move from the team’s PR company. Everyone knew beautiful women were my weakness, and she had the kind of beauty that would rival the angels.
She was the last thing I needed, but temptation and attraction made me want her.
Now my biggest fear is saying goodbye when the time comes.
I’m not sure I’ll be able to let her go.
Even if I have to.
Immerse yourself in this hot, steamy, emotionally gripping sports romance.

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