Night Skulls Mayhem

The Night Skulls MC Texas & San Francisco Chapters

Author N.J. Adel

Mayhem Makers Series

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From the author of Furore, The Night Skulls MC series continues as Texas and San Francisco Chapters collide

Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

I can’t live in this world without her, and she chose not to live without us both

So we’re keeping our forbidden secret, the three of us against the world

But what we didn’t expect was becoming four

This secret we can no longer keep. It’s growing by the day, hard to miss the heartbeat

A choice must be made after all

But when old vendettas lead us again into a mafia war

I will protect what’s mine. Touch her or our baby and die

This is NOT a standalone. You MUST read all 4 books in The Night Skulls MC series or, at least, Furore and Tirone duet.

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