Heroes, Hurricanes, & Hail Marys is the next installment of the Twisted Sisters Midlife Maelstrom Series by Brenda Trim…

And it’s available for preorder now!!

As a magical hurricane bears down on the Crescent City, the Twisted Sisters must brave the rain and winds to hunt down the source before everyone they love is killed…

When one of their own is framed for multiple murders, the Voodoo Queen and Baron Samedi quickly, become the least of the Twisted Sisters’ concerns. As Delphine’s stalker grows bold, the sisters do what they can to ensure Phi’s students remain safe despite the fact that the evidence suggests something far more terrifying than evil loas and mambos. Could a mundie serial killer really be on the loose?

Concerns over the return of the Skinwalker continue to grow, compounded by the mystery of a supernatural storm threatening to be the worst the city has ever seen. The search for the origins of the meteorological magic leads them below the city streets to a secret demon ward before nearly blowing them away.

Confronting those involved in the chaos challenges the sisters’ desire to make friends rather than enemies, but it will take the help of every friend and ally they’ve ever made through the Aegis Council if they’re to have any hope of saving those they love most.

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