Randi Sanderson is back… and Death Lies by Lia Davis

 is now live and #free to read with #KindleUnlimited!!



While her son’s safety still remains priority number one, detective Randi Sanderson is locked in a seemingly never-ending battle against Tabas Stone and the half-angel, half-demon gangsters known as the Shade. Eager to eliminate Randi and her allies once and for all, the Shade leader enlists the help of a chaotic ancient demon with the swagger of a rock god and the mind of a lunatic. But Vassago isn’t the type of demon to stick to a plan, and before he can successfully eradicate the Vampire Council he’s wreaking havoc all across the city.

Unfortunately for Randi, Stone and his hired demon are just the beginning. Things are heating up between her and Cash, so why wouldn’t her ex, Kalon, decide to come back from the grave? She’s grateful to add another powerful fighter to her alliance, but the price to pay is pretty steep. Dealing with the clash of egos only causes headaches, and Randi doesn’t have the time to struggle against the tug-of-war game these two want to play in the name of winning her affections.

Just when things couldn’t possibly get messier, news of an unholy alliance between Heaven and Hell arrives, and it’s not good for the Shade. Randi should embrace the divine plan, but she has plenty of reason to fear the father of her child could get caught in the fray.

How long can she keep Kalon a secret while she tries to handle the Shade on her own? Not very, if the new hybrid investigator or the endless unwanted media attention have anything to say about it. The heat is on in Jacksonville and it’s quickly becoming evident that Randi’s plate has never been fuller.

It’s a good thing she’s hungry…for vengeance.

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