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Renting Sober by Layne Daniels

Perfectly Imperfect Series

Cover Designer: Sarah Kil Creative Studio

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Link: https://geni.us/RentingSober

I left rehab with a duffel bag of all my worldly possessions and a green chip for sixty days of sobriety. I had no job, no home, and few options before Porter and Logan found me.

After weeks of lugging all my worldly possessions from shelter to shelter, they offered me a hand up, no strings attached. A tiny apartment and the opportunity to work as their office manager.

Everything’s great, until the night they catch me sneaking a random man up to my apartment. Suddenly, the guys are everywhere, blocking my hookup attempts and monopolizing all my free time.

It’s normal to find a replacement for the rush of using. One-night stands can be a tool for harm reduction that my addiction counselor supports.

I try to explain that, but Porter and Logan aren’t having it. They offer to be the rush replacement. Strings? Plenty of them. But once an addict, always an addict, right? There’s no way they won’t eventually cut ties with a girl who’s only renting sober.

Dear Readers, as you already know, this book deals with addiction recovery and might contain scenes that are hard for those sensitive to that subject. The story is an MFM romance with a bit of swordcrossing and a bonafide HEA.

Series info-
There are numerous ways to differentiate one person from the next. Hair or eye color, personality, sense of humor, and so forth. For some, it’s a medical diagnosis.
While that can be life-altering, it also doesn’t define you. However, it can shake you, change you, shape you. But our core remains – the need for acceptance, love.
We’re here to give those that are perfectly imperfect their beautiful, heartwarming happily ever afters.

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